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Serbian basketball ace Nikola Jokić became a father today.

The wife of the NBA League MVP gave birth to a girl, Ognjen.

Nikola Jokić, married last year to his chosen one Natalija Maćešić, who is a basketball player’s love from high school. The wedding took place in Sombor.

They met through mutual friends in front of a cafe. They started hanging out, and after six months, they got into a relationship. The first major problem in their relationship was when Natalija left Serbia due to her studies, which affected Nikola so much that he even wanted to leave basketball, as Dejan Milojević once said.

Shortly after her departure, Nicole’s engagement in the NBA league followed, so he was inseparable for a couple of years.

They are often referred to as "giant and thumb” – Nikola is 213 centimeters tall, while his wife is 173 centimeters tall.

Let us remind you, Jokić decided to cancel playing for the Serbian national team this year precisely because of the pregnancy of his chosen one.

"To my great regret, this is the moment when I have to announce that despite my great desire, I am not able to play for the national team. Simply, the condition of my body requires a longer absence from the field for recovery. That is the attitude and suggestion of the club and one inevitability that I have to accept. I am convinced that the guys have the quality to make a result without me, which will bring us all a lot of joy ", said Jokić.

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