Nikolic and Petrovic disappeared from the radar: From projected million sales to heating benches and stands

Two stressful weeks are behind everyone in the club stationed at Ljutice Bogdana 1a. The Red Star went through a series of demanding matches, which could shape its further course of the season. The red and whites successfully overcame both obstacles in the Europa League – motivation before the duel with Metalac, the last game before the new national team break, was especially improved by the victory in Razgrad – and in the championship, Zvezda drew Partizan in the eternal derby with a draw in the eternal derby, and with a triumph in Novi Pazar, and gained a significant advantage at an early stage.

Health problems, which appeared after the 165th eternal derby, did not shake the Red Star. The champion of Serbia easily won Novi Pazar in a colorful team, and then Gelor Kanga in his recognizable style launched a projectile against Ludogorets worth winning three new points and maintaining maximum performance in the group stage of the Europa League.

Those two triumphs are gaining in importance due to the fact that it is Dejan Stankovic had terrible problems during the formation of the team, as the Red Star was cut down by the stomach virus, and before the trip to Bulgaria, the crown (the strategist of the red and whites for the match with Ludogorets could not rely on the supporting pillars: Aleksandar Kataj, Milan Borjan, Aleksandar Dragović and Miloš Degenek). Despite the fact that the coach of the Red Star had a reduced fund of players during the past week, he did not decide to rehabilitate some guys who fell into the background.

The turbulent summer period during which the focus of qualifying for European competitions has passed, starters and players seen as the first changes have crystallized in their heads Dejan Stankovic, and there are not two midfielders among them who had notable minutes last season. A bit imperceptibly, in the "invasion” of new young players – Strahinja Erakovic, Petar Stanic, Marko Lazetic – from all combinations they fell out Veljko Nikolic i Njegos Petrovic.

Veljko Nikolic (© Starsport)Veljko Nikolic (© Starsport)

This was sponsored by the rule on "bonuses” that was in their favor last season, when the duo of midfielders regularly collected minutes. Veljko Nikolic i Njegos Petrovic After the end of last season, they lost the status of "bonus”, they were projected for sale … in which European competition the red and whites will perform in the fall. But, offers that would satisfy both the club and the players did not arrive, so he left the Red Star only from last year’s "bonuses”. Željko Gavrić (moved to Ferencvaros for 1,200,000 euros and a percentage of the next sale).

Veljko Nikolic i Njegos Petrovic they did not change the environment, and it soon became clear to them that they would not have the role they had in the new season. Seku Sanogo he remained stuck in the starting lineup, and the hierarchy in the Red Star changed with the return Nenad Krsticic to the club. So much so that at one point Krsticic broke out in the foreground in front Gelora Kange, who was rehabilitated after several cooling games. And he returned as a new man, with his head set to meet the demands Dejan Stankovic and be maximally productive for Zvezda’s game.

In the meantime, he also appeared Petar Stanic. In a short time interval, he convinced the entire profession of the Red Star to have something to offer, to possess sports audacity and a joke in the game. And Pride also fulfills the status of a "bonus” for the Super League. Alexander Katai i Mirko Ivanić are, just like Seku Sanogo, untouchable. Gelor Kanga plays better and better, Nenad Krsticic is a player of such renown that he demands minutes and he certainly did not return to the club to warm the bench.

The door to the first lineup and the minute closed for Njegoš Petrović i Veljko Nikolić. Numerous health problems did not lead to at least a temporary return of the two. Or at least one. Visiting Novi Pazar was a good opportunity for something like that, but as they no longer fall under the "bonuses”, and the summer has passed, it is evident that at the "Rajko Mitic” stadium they think that at this moment their forcing would not be to the detriment of other players. paid off. The summer was ideal for sale, the timing was missed.

How much the importance has declined Njegoš Petrović i Veljko Nikolić in the first team it is best reflected through the minutes. Collectively, they did not collect even 300 in the current season. Veljko Nikolic collected 156 minutes in five games, and Njegos Petrovic at three – 113 minutes. In Europe, they appeared on the field for the last and only time on a visit to Cluj, when everything had already been resolved. So, in garbage time …

Njegos Petrovic (© Starsport)Njegos Petrovic (© Starsport)

And last season the situation was diametrically opposed. Veljko Nikolic is with Milan Gajić played the most games – as many as 49. He didn’t lag far behind either Njegos Petrovic, since he played two less and was only ahead of him at 48 Mirko Ivanić. And by the number of minutes they were at the top. Nikolic he collected 3,317 of them, a Petrovic 2,706 th most common They played in Europe, and the projectile is remembered Njegoš Petrović away to Ghent in the 1st minute …

Everything turned 180 degrees. And it is unlikely that there will be a new turn, because it is Dejan Stankovic strictly keeps a narrow circle of players, who bring him results. When Veljko Nikolic and have not been activated so far, there is hardly anything to hope for further. Until the winter, and then they will wait for offers again. It’s just that sitting on the benches and in the stands will drastically lower the price for the players.

One of the situations when everyone is at a loss …


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