Olympiacos lowered Basconia to 50 points, Asvel outscored Zalgiris

Although this is the start of the season in the Euroleague, Olympiakos showed its defensive strength in the clash with the completely disorganized Basconia – 75:50.

The club from Vitoria not only scored only 50 points in Piraeus, but also had a single-digit performance in two quarters, and in the last day the team Duško Ivanović he scored just eight points. The crew Jorgosa Barcokasa had the result control from the beginning to the end of the match. Already in the first section, Olympiacos made a 15-point difference, and then added gas. During the second quarter, the maximum was reached +29 (47:18), which may have influenced the relaxation of the hosts, so Baskonia decided the third quarter in their favor with the result 20:16 and came to -21 (42:63). However, even that was enough for the Piraeus to reach a certain triumph.

He was the most prominent in the winning team Sasha Vezenkov, who scored 16 points in 23 minutes on the floor, with three rebounds. They had a double-digit number of points Mustafa Fal (11 points) and Kostas Slukas (10 points, five rebounds), although individual performance in such circumstances was in the background. Barcokas used the great result advantage to evenly distribute the minutes to most players and save their strength for the continuation of the season.

At Basconia he was far above the others Rokas Gedraitis with 15 points and six rebounds, while Matthew Costello stood one step away from the double-double performance, as he had 11 points and nine rebounds. As many as four guest players who found themselves on the floor failed to register as scorers, and among them is Vanja Marinkovic. The Serbian basketball player played a little less than 17 minutes, but he shot 0/2 for two, and 0/3 for three points. He also had one rebound and one lost ball.

Asvel opened the season in the right way, as he beat Zalgiris on his floor (88:76). The host correctly dosed the rhythm, gradually raised the quality of the game, and thus the advantage. At the beginning of the last section, there was a maximum of 20 points of advantage for the team You Jay Parker (76:56), which was already enough to bring the match to an end.

He was the most efficient in the winning team Eli Okubo with 23 points scored and a flawless shot from the game (9/9). Chris Jones scored 14, a Yusuf Fal 12. On the other hand, he was only up to the task Janis Strelnijeks, who scored 21 points, but the rest of the team was far below the desired level.



Monaco – Panathinaikos 75:63

/ Andjusic 17 – Papapetru 16 /

Maccabi – Bayern 69:68

/ Wilbekin 28 – Thomas 15 /

Olimpija Milan – CSKA 84:74

/ Rodriguez 17 – Lundberg 13 /

Real Madrid – Ephesus 82:69

/ Jabusele 15 – Larkin 21 /


Unix – Zenit 69:70

/ Kenan 18 – Frankamp 18 /

Fenerbahce – Red Star 61:57

/ Ivanovic 16 – Pierre 13 /

Asvel – Zalgiris 88:76

/ Okobo 23 – Stelnijeks 21 /

Olympiacos – Basconia 75:50

/ Vezenkov 16 – Gedraitis 15 /

21.00: (1.03) Barcelona (28.0) Alba (12.0)


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