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Singer Dragana Mirković is considered one of the most successful in the Balkans, and according to her, only Lepa Brena could stand side by side with her.

Dragani flatters when she is proclaimed the richest singer and believes that it does not cause the envy of her colleagues.

– I know that they put me in the first place of the richest celebrities from this area. I hope it doesn’t make my colleagues jealous, at least I never felt it. Everyone should rejoice in someone else’s success. My husband Tony and I like to help others, and whenever someone needed something, we were always there – said Dragana.

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As he says, he is mostly in contact with Lepa Brena and Zdravko Colic.

– I mostly hear from Chola and Brena. I met her last year on vacation in Monte Carlo. We spent about twenty days together and we had a wonderful time. After so many years, we had time to talk about life and evoke fond memories. Realistically, on our stage only Brena and I can live from old fame and hits. We don’t have to do anything anymore, nor do we have to record. However, I like to occasionally surprise the audience with a new song and video – said Mirković.

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