Partizan struggled in Zadar, the defenders saved the "debut” of Zeljko Obradovic

The job is done. Thus, the first match of Partizan in the ABA league this season against Zadar away can be summed up – 73:78. If Partizan played a spectacular match – no. But, for a start, the most important thing for the black and whites is that they have reached a triumph.

The good thing about the black and whites is the first victory of the season, and the bad thing is that they did not break the game in time when they were leading by more than 10 points.

In the last minute, Partizan came in with a three-point advantage, Lady caught an offensive jump after a miss Pantera, to later Avramović missed a three, but he did it too Dominik Mavra and thereby signed a death sentence to his team. Partizan survived.

They were the most efficient in Partizan’s victory Dallas Moore (14p),, Aleksa Avramovic (11p),, Kevin Panther (14p) i Uros Trifunovic (11p).

Partizan shot 10/27 for three points, but recorded only 12 assists and 11 turnovers.

The black and whites played the first game of the season without Rodion Kuruca (corona virus), and outside the team remained and Alexa Stepanovic i Georgia Jovanovic. They were also in the team Balsha Nettle, as well as the latest reinforcements Gregor The voice. The match started with a minute of silence in honor Dušan Duda Ivković.

Partizan brought Kevin Panther in order to bring points, and the former member of Olympia from Milan started doing it from the first minute. Already in the first section, he scored 10 points and took the burden and pressure off his teammates.

And while they are Panther i Lady carried the game of Partizan, Zadar made problems under the basket for Partizan over Uroš Lukovic, then over threes, and the Belgrade team was weakly enclosing the hoop.

An important moment was the entrance Radeta Zagorca who contributed energy to the defense and points to the game of black and whites with eight points and kept the black and whites in the lead during the second section with good moves Avramović i Mura. With such a mood in the attack, Parni valjak went to over 10 points advantage, and with 42:33 he went to the halftime, while he opened the second Madar affected by a triple.

Will not Obradović be oversatisfied with the game of their chosen ones during the third section. There were good moments like threes Ledeja, but the jump did not work the best, as did the defense of the opposing threes.

However, with a weak game in defense, Partizan put itself in a situation where Zadar approached him with a point behind at the beginning of the last section, and then with points Mavre to equalize four minutes before the end.

That announced an uncertain ending… Partizan did better there.

Steamroller writes its first win of the season.



Mornar Bar – Cibona 77:87

/ Mihailovic 18 – Prkacin 24 /

Red Star – Split 97:61

/ Ivanovic 20 – Champara 10 /


Igokea – Borac 91:89

/ Robinson, Starks 15 – Todorovic, Hale 17 /

Cedevita Olimpija – Krka 88:56

/ Kin 17 – Gibs 10 /


Mega – Student Center 101: 68

/ Casalon 17 – Edwards 17 /

Buducnost – FMP 82:72

/ Cobbs 18 – Jones 13 /


Zadar – Partizan 73:78

/ Vukovic 16 – Panther, Moore 14 /


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