Penjarol without strength for a miracle, Brazilian final in the Copa Sudamericani (VIDEO)

After the Brazilian final in the Copa Libertadores, we will see the same in the Copa Sudamericana.

Penarol was looking for a miracle to prevent such a scenario, but no miracle happened. Moreover, Atletico Paranense also got a rematch, it was 2: 0 (1: 0), so Bragantino found out the name of the opponent in the final of the second strongest continental competition.

It was essentially enough for Atletico Paranense to score one goal and thus let Peñarol know that he has nothing to hope for in the rematch of the semifinals.

And that happened relatively early. It was played in the 24th minute when Terrance somehow managed to get the ball after his own penetration, to bring it back, and then the left followed Nikaa. A very high-quality shot, he deceived the goalkeeper and essentially already then certified the placement in the finals.

Penjarol got some chance for something more in the 34th minute when he was awarded a penalty. He took responsibility Zeppelins, but … He wasn’t precise. Even then, all the boats of the guests sank and there could be no return to the match.

When it was already clear that Atletico would go to the finals, Roca scored a goal in the 81st minute, just to show the host his muscles before the finals.

The very fact that the Brazilians will play in the finals and the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana speaks of their dominance and good work, as well as investments, but also that the others failed in the mentioned segments.

So, the finals will be played by Bragantino and Atletico Paranense. Dominance of Brazilians!



Libertad – RB Bragantino 1: 3 (0: 1) / first match 0: 2 /


Atletico PR – Peñarol 2: 0 (1: 0) / first match 2: 1 /

/ Nikao 24, Roca 81 /


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