Pesic after a great start in Turkey: I scored 29 goals for Zvezda, and others praise how they move, jump and build the ball

When, in the summer of 2017, the management of the Red Star decided to spend 750,000 euros for the engagement Aleksandar Pesic there were underestimating comments, even thinking that the guy from Nis was one in a series of risky bets of the club from Ljutica Bogdan. His past work was respected, his sense of goal was also demonstrated in the Jagodina jersey, but he lacked a strong foreign stamp during his stay in Toulouse or Atalanta before that.

A similar situation happened this summer, only with a different outcome. The members of the sports sector of the red and whites believed that, after a good episode in Israel, the popular Šilja is a strong enough trump card for placement in the Champions League. Negotiations on the Red Star – Aleksandar Pesic. It smelled at one point of the safe return of an important factor of the first season Vladan Milojevic on the benches of the Serbian champion.

12.30: (2.40) Sivas (3.20) Karagumruk (3.10)

However, the tall striker opted for a different path. After much deliberation, he accepted the invitation of the Turkish Karagumruk, a club that exists in Istanbul in the thick shadow of the greats from that city. And he was not wrong, considering that he scored the same number of goals in six championship games. And he gained the precondition to think about the best season in his career. Karagumruk fans are celebrating him, Red Star fans are wondering if the Moldovan Sheriff would be an insurmountable obstacle with such a Shill.

Aleksandar Pešić talked about all this in an interview for Mozzart Sport.

"When I received the call from Karagumruk, I inquired about everything. I also called the Bosnian Zukanović with whom I was in Atalanta, he is a man I trust very much. He told me not to think much, that the club is healthy and wants to progress. He didn’t cheat on me. You can see for yourself that we stand well on the table, but we don’t think about big things. It’s some club philosophy. Don’t talk about big things, but fantasize about them ", he said at the beginning of the interview for Mozzart Sport Aleksandar Pesic.

The former member of Atalanta and Toulouse imposed himself as the first attacking option, but Karagumruk’s playing staff is full of serious European class football players, well-known and superficial football fans. There is a former striker of Milan and Liverpool Borini, then Benatia, and Lukas Bilja.

"I knew where I was coming from. After my transfer, the club brought Benatia and Emre Moro on loan from Celta. It felt like we could be competitive. Although, I was honestly most attracted by the fact that Karagumruk relies on the Italian football school. There is the goalkeeper Viviano, we are coached by the Italian Francesco Farioli ".


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The young expert was a trick up the sleeve of Karagumruk’s leadership. He did not have serious experience, he only worked as an assistant in Alanya, before that he assisted De Zerbiju in Sassuolo. But someone recognized him as a person capable of steering a very expensive investment.

"I would like the public in Serbia to pay attention to how and in what way we play. It’s like we’re an Italian club. Coach Farioli is only 32 years old, he worked in the professional staff of Alanya. There he wondered about everything. It is unusual to have a coach who is two or three years older than me. It was a little funny to me, at the beginning I didn’t know how to address him. There are players who are older than him, but we have great respect for him. It bursts with energy and a desire to prove itself. And again, we play terribly beautiful football. We recently played against Antalya. The match ended without goals, we could have won 5: 0. I missed too. I had two zicera. We trampled them in the first half. But it is also football. We have only one defeat in the championship, and that is from Besiktas on the side ".

Everything he asked of Turkey, Aleksandar Pesic he got.

"I knew the championship was very strong. That, among other things, drew me to this country. I wanted to show everyone that I can fight at the top level and score goals. Now, I really don’t know how far we’ll get. Besiktas and Trabzon are, at least for me, the best teams. There are also Fener and Galata. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being something like last year. Then the goal difference decided the champion. It’s very strong, because there are a lot of foreigners. There would be more of them, but every match must start with three home games ".

Official statistics say it is Aleksandar Pesic has scored five goals so far this season. Great fact, but the mentioned figure is a stone in the shoe of a Serbian international.

"Realistically, I didn’t score five, but six goals. I was also precise at the opening of the season against Gaziantep, but I don’t know why, it counts as an own goal. People from the club have already sent a letter to the league … However, I have to be satisfied. If I could have done better – and I admit it. I missed a lot against Antalya, if I had given everything I could, I would have already scored ten goals. I play in the rush hour, but we will see how the coach will shuffle the cards when Borini returns from injury. ”

He had to touch on a very intense flight, initiated by the termination of cooperation with Maccabi Tel Aviv. As a free agent Pesic was interesting to many, especially the Red Star. The three-year contract was ready, just waiting for the experienced spitz to shake hands Zvezdana Terzic,, Mitru Mrkeli i Dejan Stankovic.

"I had a great desire to return. I recognized that people from the Red Star really believe in me, especially Zvezdan Terzić and Mitar Mrkela. They brought me for the first time … ".

Aleksandar Pesic scores goal in the eternal derby (© Star sport)Aleksandar Pesic scores goal in the eternal derby (© Star sport)


I don’t know how to explain it. I felt something … It’s not anger, rage or whatever. But it is as if individuals did not respect me enough in Serbia. Some other players were rising, I was constantly mentioned here as an alternative option. And I tell you I was the first choice. It’s not bragging, it’s really been that way. Strange situation, completely. Especially because I was good, not to say great in the first term. "

Then it is Pesic had a season of life, scored a large number of goals and assists, won the title, brought the club big money by going to Arabia, although at first he did not want to go to Asia.

"It simply came to my notice then. I was in Crvena zvezda, I scored 29 goals for the season and added 22 assists to all that. I also shook the net for Partizan, in Europe. Come on, do an analysis and see if any attacker after me had such an effect. Then I hear stories, I see comments on portals and forums how I scored half a goal from the penalty spot. That’s where it gets into people’s ears, even though it’s a lie. At least today everything can be checked. I only scored five goals from the lime. And even if I gave more … Today we have come to the point where individuals rise, because they move well, jump well, build a ball well. I was scoring goals. In the end, because of that, among other things, I accepted Karagumruk’s invitation. "

He is aware Pesic that the failure in Moscow was one of the details that marked his mandate in Zvezda.

"It simply came to our notice then. And I’m not running away from it. It was Moscow, it was that failure. But that detail essentially says nothing. They also miss much better attackers than me from similar positions. Is that a reason for someone to nullify their quality? I believe not. And I repeat again: it was Moscow, but it was also Krasnodar. Whoever is honest and watches football knows that few players from that position would be able to pull the ball and score a goal ".

He didn’t need to ask additional questions.

"I was not afraid of the pressure in Zvezda, I like the pressure. Financially, I did not fare better in Turkey, the offers were somewhere, almost identical, but … Let me not repeat myself again. I had a great desire to return, I wanted to feel the adrenaline of playing in front of Delija again after the season in Maccabi. I felt ready, because there is no division of matches in Zvezda. The Europa League is the same for you, and Radnik from Surdulica. You have to fight and bite. I really wanted to. "

Pity for Zvezda still exists.

"It is good that they qualified for the Europa League. It means it to all of us. You know how much we from that generation love the club ”, finished the story for our portal Aleksandar Pesic, currently the top scorer of the Turkish championship.



Altay – Besiktas JK 2: 1 (0: 0)

/ Chapel 57, Bamba 88 – Yaljin 47 /


12.30: (2.20) Sivas (3.25) Karagumruk (3.45)

15.00: (2.10) Antalya (3.35) Malatya (3.60)

18.00: (2.10) Adana Demir (3.45) Gaziantep (3.50)


12.30: (2.65) Giresun (3.10) Kaiserslautern (2.80)

15.00: (1.80) Basaksehir (3.60) Rize (4.60)

15.00: (2.90) Hatay (3.35) Fenerbahce (2.45)

18.00: (1.55) Galatasaray (4.00) Geztepe (6.25)


19.00: (2.60) Kasimpasa (3.20) Horse (2.80)

19.00: (1.60) Trabzon (3.90) Alanya (5.80)

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