Pet food bank for the needy in Radclifffe seeks donations

And supporters of the Blue Cross centre in Blackburn Street have also partnered with a Bolton charity to extend their aid work.

Blue Cross and NICE (Neighbouring Investment in Community Enterprises) have been feeding the needy and their pets during lockdown.

Gina Ratcliff, an animal welfare assistant at Blue Cross, said: “The pet food bank is here to support pet owners through some very difficult times.

"Supplying the pet food gives them one less thing to worry about whilst struggling to feed themselves and their families.”

More than 100 cats and dogs have been recently assisted. Donations can be pledged by calling 0300 777 1592.

The charity has also been running a donation based, behaviour helpline since March 2020 to help new and existing pet owners needing help with their pets‘ behaviour and who could not afford to seek advice privately.

Charity officials say the team has helped hundreds of owners, including some who were so desperate they were considering rehoming a pet or even having them put to sleep. Issues have involved aggression, guarding behaviours and separation anxiety.

Blue Cross is also campaigning to help owners avoid ‘expensive vet bills’ and how to secure DIY pet treats and toys.

New research has also found that more than a quarter of pet owners admitting they would have to give up a pet if they lost their job or income.

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