PSG continues the series, but the game does not promise in front of City: Gay danced before the shot, Draxler has enough seconds (VIDEO)

Despite the maximum eight victories in the French championship, Paris Saint-Germain is not playing as expected from such an expensive team. The crew Mauricia Poketina in the duel of the most efficient teams in the league as the host, they defeated Montpellier 2: 0 (2: 0), but again it was not a high-level game. Saints fans cannot be satisfied before the Champions League derby with Manchester City next Tuesday in Paris.

Except Ashraf Hakimi, the stars who were brought in this summer have not yet caught up. Lionel Messi i Sergio Ramos they watched the match from the stands again, Georgino Vajnaldum entered about ten minutes before the end, a Gianluigi Donaruma still waiting to cancel Kaylor Navas on goal. Although, as the Costa Rican defends, the question is whether that will happen soon.

Lionel Messi (© Reuters)Lionel Messi (© Reuters)

Although a tough exam awaits them on Tuesday, it is not Poketino combined team. The host entered the game violently, forcing the rival to retreat in front of his goal from the first minute, which paid off in the 14th minute, when Idrisa Gay with a great shot from 17 meters under the crossbar matted Jonas Omlin. The Swiss did not have a chance against the cannon shot, which was preceded by a deception by the body of the Senegalese midfielder. Not exactly like Ronaldinho back then in the Barcelona jersey against Chelsea, but he danced Gay samba in front of the Montpellier penalty area to pass Angela Di Maria, and then lit a cannon in his left leg.

And then, doing the job until the 88th minute, when it is Julian Draxler just a few seconds after entering the game set the final 2: 0.

Ten minutes after they were behind, the guests were hit by a new problem. Due to an injury, the stopper had to come out in the 25th minute Tuler, and replaced it unheated Nicholas Goat. He quickly found himself in great temptations, but he managed to close the approaches to Montpellier’s goal together with his teammates until the mentioned finish of the match.

During the first part, the Parisians threatened mostly from a distance. They were most likely in chances Neymar i Killian Mbape, a Ander Erera hit the crossbar with a shot from twenty meters in the 40th minute.

After returning from vacation, the pressure of the hosts dropped, who successfully controlled the events on the field, but only in the last half hour did he start creating new opportunities for goals. Shortly after the 60th minute, he found himself in a chance twice Mbape. Both times he asked for a penalty, maybe once he could have won it, but the referee didn’t think so Antoni Gotje. Then it is Neymar shot at an angle from a solid position, but not accurately enough.

On the other hand, he stood out on two occasions Kaylor Navas. He stopped the "frog” very well Mavididia, so a header Germain. The question is what would happen if they were guests, in whose ranks he stood out Mihailo Ristic with a few penetrations and center shots, but also a good game behind, they managed to equalize during the second half. Probably a new drama for the players of Paris Saint-Germain, who only defeated Lyon 2: 1 in the previous two games with goals in the 90th minute, and then Metz with the same result.

Simultaneously with this match, the battle for the second place on the table was led by Lyon and Lorian. The host’s job was significantly more difficult from 14 minutes, when the left back received a direct red card Emerson – for a foul as the last defensive player but they managed to remain undefeated. It’s in the 51st minute Karl Toko Ekambi annulled the advantage of the guests from 20, when he was precise Armand Lorriet.

The first goal was scored from a free kick, and the persistence paid off for the second.



Saint-Etienne – Nice 0: 3 (0: 1)

/ Guiri 15, Stengs 54, Delor 83 /

Strasbourg – Lille 1: 2 (0: 1)

/ Sisoko 75 – David 23, 57 pen /

Olympique Lyonnais – Lorient 1: 1 (0: 1)

/ Ekambi 51 – Lorriet 20 /

PSG – Montpellier 2: 0 (1: 0)

/ Gay 14, Draxler 88 /


13.00: (3.40) Bordeaux (3.25) Rennes (2.35)

15.00: (2.05) Brest (3.50) Metz (3.90)

15.00: (2.60) Reims (3.00) Nantes (3.25)

15.00: (2.80) Troyes (2.90) Angers (3.05)

17.00: (3.80) Clermont (3.50) Monaco (2.10)

20.45: (1.80) Olympique Marseille (3.70) Lens (5.00)

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