Real moved to Barcelona, ​​it is not enough for only Benzema to be on the level

The consequences of the defeat by the Sheriff in the Champions League did their part in Barcelona. Real Madrid suffered an unexpected defeat away to Espanyol, so they found themselves in a situation to lose the leading position in the eighth round of the Spanish Primera – 1: 2 (0: 1).

The Catalans took advantage of the moment in which the opponent is, as well as the omissions made by the team’s defense Carlo Ancelotti. Goals by Raul de Thomas in the 17th and Aleiša Vidala at the end of the hour of the game, they reached a huge advantage, and then somehow managed to defend it at the very end of the match.

It was not enough for Madrid to be alone Karim Benzema was at the level. The Frenchman equalized after an excellent action in the 71st minute, in which the assist was also written Luka Jovicto reduce the score. He later tried to pull his team on his back. He set up a goal Eden Azara in the 84th minute, but he was annulled due to offside.

Raul de Tomas he couldn’t have chosen a better way to take revenge on the Royal Club, where he spent almost his entire childhood, then played with the B and C teams, but he didn’t get a chance to play his dreams and play for the first team. Whether they will regret it one day in Ral, time will tell, but tonight they were at least a little hurt, when the fast attacker used a good penetration and a sharp cross Adriana Embarbe.

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