Anthological rock hits in a special symphonic sound and specific interpretations will flood Ada Ciganlija with good vibes on Saturday, October 2, starting at 7 p.m.

The Rock Opera had the honor of closing the summer season on Ada in front of the Belgrade audience. This musical event is held on the Arena Ada stage, in the stands near the judge’s tower, and the entrance is free for visitors. The unusual musical spectacle for this occasion has dozens of musicians on stage, members of the choir and orchestra of the Opera of the Serbian National Theater, the Novi Sad Big Band, as well as guest soloists.

Photo: LiveProduction

Thus, with the sounds of symphonic music under the baton of conductor Fedor Vrtačnik, in unique arrangements and interpretations, legendary songs such as: Light my fire, Angels, We wil rock you, Bohemian rapsody, We are the champions but also numerous domestic pop and rock standards will be heard. like A couple of years for us and Swing me gently.

"Rock Opera is unique not only because it presents a specific music genre called crossover to many visitors, but also because it is equally interesting to the audience that grew with rock songs listening to them from gramophone records, and to younger audiences who consume good music today. and recognizes true quality. "

Photo: LiveProduction

The conductor of the Rock Opera, Fedor Vrtačnik, adds: "The concept of the Rock Opera is equally accessible to all generations, and visitors who come to the Rock Opera will see that this project deviates greatly from already seen clichés, cheap and imposed standards.”

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