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The excellent results of the Red Star and Partizan this season, as well as in previous seasons, have contributed to the great leap of Serbian football.

For years, we have been trying to reach the famous 15th place on the UEFA list, which separates the elite from the participants themselves, and now we are never closer to Serbia having two teams in the qualifications for the Champions League from the 2023/2024 season.

The triumphs of Zvezda away to Ludogorets (1: 0), ie Partizan over Flora (2: 0), with even earlier feats, contributed to our football consolidating its 12th position in Europe.

But that’s not all!

Serbia is in a great fight to jump to 11th place, which guarantees the champion a direct placement in the Champions League, with a cash prize of as much as 15 million euros.

With the coefficient of 28,875, Serbia is breathing down the neck of Ukraine (30,600) and a great fight will be fought until the end.

The fact is that the Ukrainians have three representatives at the moment (Shakhtar and Dinamo in the Champions League, Zorya in the Conference League), but also that they do not shine this season, so there is a possibility that we will surpass them.

That would be sensational and something equal to a miracle, something he could not even dream of for decades.

Now we are never closer to that.

You have to go step by step. First to secure the 15th place, and then to "join” Zvezda and Partizan other teams from the Super League.

Also, it is worth pointing out that the 12th and 13th places bring great benefits, embodied in the fact that the qualification champion starts only from the playoffs, ie he already has a safe autumn in his pocket in the Europa League and only one step from the elite.

The other three representatives would play for a place in the Europa League, and some as now in the Conference League.

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