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The best Serbian athlete Ivana Španović married fitness coach Marko Vuleta.

"A couple who agrees on everything”, with these words, Marko described one of the photos with his fiancée, which he posted on his Instagram profile.

The two of them did not fail to emphasize how well they fit together, so they often trained together and joked and competed.

According to the Journal, Ivana changed her last name, so in the future, Vuleta will be written on her jersey instead of Španović. The wedding was held on a ranch in Umčari near Belgrade, in a fairytale setting.

The media reported on Sunday that the beautiful Serbian athlete and her chosen one will get married in the United Arab Emirates, however, it turned out that the newlyweds did not intend to travel that far.

The closest relatives of the two newlyweds were present at the wedding, as well as members of Ivana’s team. As Ivana’s colleague, Strahinja Jovancevic, attended the wedding, we have the opportunity to take a peek at the celebration. The guests were entertained by Edita Aradinović.

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