"She was under special attention” by Dr. Perišić about the death of a mother (23) in Niš – 24sata online

Director of the University Clinical Center in Nis prof. Dr. Zoran Perišić told "Blic” that the medical staff of this health institution did everything to save the life of a 23-year-old mother from the Pirot district who passed away this morning and that with all the existing therapy she also received blood plasma from the convalescents.

– We followed her from day to day, she was under special attention like any pregnant woman. She was first in the hospital because her condition was not so serious. Then we lowered her into the shock room, when the parameters began to deteriorate slightly. And then, precisely because of that, a caesarean section was made in order to reduce the pressure of the fetus on the lungs. All the drugs he can get are given, including the recovery plasma. We expected it to get better, but this disease is completely unpredictable – says for "Blic” prof. Dr. Perišić.

"Everyone cried like rain”

He says that the death of this young woman hit all the staff who participated in her treatment hard, that everyone, both doctors and nurses, cried like rain.

– It was very difficult for everyone. I talked to several of them, they say they are all upset. You can’t stay normal when you’ve done everything your profession has taught you, and you can’t help it. Everyone was shaken – says prof. Dr. Perišić.

He confirmed that the woman was completely healthy before she became infected with the corona virus, but also that, unfortunately, she was not vaccinated.

As "Blic” wrote, the mother gave birth by caesarean section a few days ago and gave birth to a healthy girl weighing 3.4 kilograms. After the caesarean section, she was slowly recovering, but tonight her condition suddenly worsened. She was resuscitated several times but lost the battle for her life this morning due to respiratory weakness caused by the corona virus.

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