Sheikh Mansour convened an emergency meeting, he wants Mbape and does not ask what it costs

Manchester City entered the race for one of the best football players of today …

Fate Kiliana Mbapea will be the main topic until one of the best football players of today makes the final decision on where to continue his career. The situation is currently as follows: Paris Saint-Germain is trying to persuade the fast-footed striker to sign a new contract and remain part of one of the most spectacular trillings in the history of football, together with Leo Messiah i Neymar; Florentino Perez and Real Madrid are confident of winning the battle because Mbape reportedly wants only at the Santiago Bernabeu, while at the Etihad (for now) they are silent preparing bomb after bomb.

If it is to be believed Jan McGerry i Duncan Castle, English journalists specializing in the football market, in City are determined to seriously enter the race for Kiliana Mbapea. To that end, the first man of the club is the sheikh Mansur he called for an emergency meeting Feran Sorian i Chikija Begiristaina, the people in charge of bringing in players, telling them that the main point of City’s further development program should be no less and no more until Killian Mbape.

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The rich boss allegedly told the Spanish duo not to pay too much attention to money and to do everything possible for the Frenchman to defend Manchester City before Real Madrid. Hence, they claim further Castle i McGarry, we should expect that soon Mbape through an intermediary, he receives a carte blanche to enter his own requests, which would probably include a record bonus for signing the contract.

And all due to the fact that the current world champion’s contract with France expires next summer.

Mansur is very unhappy about two failures in the market this summer. The desire was Messi – went to Paris; with all his might then set out on Harry Kane – stayed at Tottenham. The sheikh thus wants to put an end to the defeats at the negotiating table and kidnap the guy on whom he could build the future.

And while something big is cooking in Manchester Mbape is not announced on the occasion of the continuation of the career. His affection for Real has been known for a long time, but PSG does not plan to surrender just like that. The club from Prince’s Park intends to start all the persuasive mechanisms in order to keep it. Among other things, they should have a conversation with Kilian Neymar i Messi.

"We’ll try everything, we want to show him that the whole locker room wants to stay. We’ll do what it takes to make him feel loved here and make the right decision.”, Ander Herrera said recently.

In the first eight games of this season, Killian Mbape scored four and scored as many goals. However, the cooperation with Messi and Neymar is not brilliant for now. That is what worries the fans and people in Paris the most. He will have to Mauricio Pochettino under an accelerated procedure to play the strike three so that PSG could be an equal candidate in the race with Real and City.


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