Show first that you are the best in Rome, then head to the top of Serie A.

He may have come too early, because only five championship rounds in Serie A have passed, but the battle has already flared up, so the famous Roman derby has an important impact on the results at this moment. Lazio and Roma are playing their 155th match in Serie A today (18.00, TV Aren Sport 1), ie a total of 177 official clashes in all competitions, and for several players this will be the premiere participation in one of the biggest derbies on the Old Continent. are two coaches Marusio Sari and Jose Mourinho. Meticulous Italian journalists have calculated that this will be the 120th derby in the career of the famous Portuguese strategist, but the first in which it will be decided who is the current boss of the Eternal City. Roma broke a six-game winning streak in all competitions with an unexpected defeat by Verona to Bentegodi last weekend, so it was certainly harder for Mourinho to prepare the team for the match against Udinese than for the Derby della Capitale. with opponents in the last few rounds, but somehow managed to score three points and bring peace to the house before one of the most important matches of Italian football. "Derby matches are wonderful for a coach because he doesn’t have to worry about how to motivate or check someone level of concentration.It was forbidden to prepare the team for Udinese, but in the derby everyone enters 100 percent ready.We play to win, even though we can’t always win, we are faced with an opponent who has the same ambitions.What I’m looking for is for my team to leave The field is aware that it did its best.It will be a privilege for me to experience the Roman derby, but I also want my team to have ambitions that go beyond the derby.He is not our only goal in this season ", said Mourinho. ADAPTATION TO SARI’S SYSTEM MAIN PROBLEM OF LACIACImo Imobile © Reuters goals such as placement in the Champions League. However, it is clear that the path would be much easier, if the points of the Sky Blues were entered today. On the other hand, Lazio players are still in the process of adjusting to the game system that Sari insists on at each of his clubs. The temperamental expert demands a distinct dominance through possession on the field, his team attacks and defends as a team, with flawless shifting of lines, so that is probably the only reason why Lazio still does not look the way its fans would like. to win. After the defeat from Milan, the one from Galatasaray in the Europa League also arrived, followed by a draw with Cagliari in Rome, so the Sky Blues went to Turin on their feet on Thursday under a huge imperative. This was felt in the clash with the Bulls, so the salvation from defeat came only in overtime, thanks to a goal by Ciro Imobile from the penalty spot. Roma welcomes the derby in an enviable fourth place, while Lazio is seventh with four points behind the angry rival. "This is one of the most important matches in Europe, it’s a great honor. Everyone as a child dreams of experiencing the Roman derby. Roma is very strong, that will make us more concentrated.The media pressure doesn’t match that in the locker room.The match I felt the most pressure was Sangiovanese – Montevarchi, the Tuscan derby in Serie C, which has a century-long rivalry.It’s normal to lose some games but I don’t see a lifeless team, I see guys full of life.They train well, but there is something that prevents us from getting 100 percent out of ourselves.The path is complicated for teams like us, who want to play collective football.Some teams need less time, others more, and some never succeed ", said Sari. (2.70) LACIO (3.35) ROMA (2.80) However, it is clear that there is no situation that victory in the famous Roman derby cannot fix. Roma decided the last one, the 154th championship, in their favor with the result 3: 1, but interestingly, as a formal guest in the clashes with the angry rival, they did not celebrate in the last five matches in all competitions. The last coaches who managed to tie five unbeaten matches as hosts were Zdenjek Zeman and Sven Goran Erikson. Roma last triumphed on the "guest” in the derby on December 4, 2016, when it was 2-0, with goals by Kevin Strootman and Raja Najngolan. It was her fourth consecutive celebration in the Derby of the Capital and a confirmation of the domination of that time, but soon everything changed. . Now, it is difficult to predict who is the favorite, considering that the teams are of approximate quality. It will be interesting to watch the tactical showdown between Maurizio Sari and Jose Mourinho, so it is clear that small details could decide the opponent. The match could be efficient, because neither of them has very brilliant defenses, so it is possible that some possible defensive mistake will break the match. MURINJO IS LOOKING FOR A REPLACEMENT FOR PELEGRINIA match, since he cannot count on the most important player of his team, Lorenzo Pellegirini. Born in Rome, the captain and main creator of the game Vucice, received a second yellow card in the 90th minute of the match with Udinese, so he will not be at the Olympics tonight. The Portuguese strategist did not want to reveal who will be in his role, but it is certain that to be the experienced Henrik Mkhitaryan. The great Armenian will move to the middle from the left flank, while Stefan el Sharavi will start on the left wing from the start. On the other hand, there will be the great Nikolo Zaniolo, who is experiencing a new big rise near Mourinho after a severe knee injury. The participation of the Uruguayan left back, Matthias Vigna, who missed the last two matches with Verona and Udinese, is under question at Roma, so the young Italian national team player Ricardo Calafiori could get a chance from the start again. Mourinho will not give up his formation 4-2-3 -1, just like Sari from his 4-3-3 system, in which he insists on possession and domination in the midfield, so it remains to be seen which of the two experienced coaches will win tonight’s battle in the Roman temple of football. For the two coaches, this will be their debut Roman derby, but this will actually be their second meeting with each other. The premieres took place in August 2018 on the benches of Manchester United and Chelsea, which ended with a score of 2: 2, and the match was marked by a verbal conflict between Jose Mourinho and Sari’s assistant Marco Jani, who is still an associate of an experienced expert in Lazio. 18.00, ARENA SPORT 1) Stadium: OlimpicoCapacity: 70.634 Referee: Marco Guida LACIO (4-3-3): Reina – Lazari, Luiz Felipe, Acerbi, Hisaj – Milinkovic Savic, Lucas Leyva, Luis Alberto – Felipe Anderson, Imobile, Pedro. ROMA (4-2-3-1): Rui Patriso – Karsdorp, Mancini, Ibanez, Calafiori – Veretu, Cristante – Zaniolo, Mkhitaryan, El Sharavi – Abraham. .

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