Spartak and Vladimir Buac divorced

Spartak experienced a complete debacle at home from Voždovac on Saturday night (4: 0) and it was clear after that that Vladimir Buac hard to keep a job at a club in Subotica.

In only two rounds, against Partizan and Voždovac, the Blue Pigeons conceded nine goals, and in total they combined four defeats. As a logical consequence, an agreed termination of cooperation followed today.

Vladimir Buac as of today, he is no longer the head of the Spartak Subotica profession. He started his coaching career in that club, first as an assistant, and since November last year he has been leading the Blue Pigeons on his own.

He was on the bench of Spartak for a total of 37 games and achieved the result of 11 victories, eight draws and 18 defeats, with a goal difference of 44:65. Buach forced the attacking style of play, which in a way cost the people of Subotica, since they conceded the most goals in the Super League – 26.

Before the new championship break, Spartak takes the 13th place on the table.

The name of the new coach will be announced in the coming days.


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