Stanković: Who will kick the penalty is a side issue, I am happy with the phenomenal approach

From being unpleasant for Crvena zvezda, the visit to Novi Pazar became one of the favorites in the Super League. The red and whites equalized their most convincing victory at the City Stadium near Jošanica – In 2016, Zvezda, as today, triumphed 4: 0 – a Dejan Stankovic he had plenty of reason to be pleased.

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The Serbian champion went through a hellish week, knocked down Braga and played a draw with Partizan, and then he had to fight with the stomach virus, due to which the match with Voždovac was postponed. It was questionable who will be ready to visit Novi Pazar and what the red and whites will look like on the field after health problems… It was as if they didn’t even exist.

The Red Star players flew around the field, securing three new points in the first half, and what is encouraging Dejan Stankovic yes it is Lois Dioni broke the ice. The coach of the Red Star asked the French striker to take a penalty, score the first goal in the Super League and take a huge burden off his shoulders.

The tape was taken by "Zvezda’s bonus” in Novi Pazar – Strahinja Erakovic. He was extremely pleased Dejan Stankovic by the approach of his guys.

"These are all side things who will kick the penalty. It is an honor to wear the tape for sure and this was an honor for Erak who is our child, whom we love, caress and look after. He returned from injury and it was in agreement with the others. He was not easy period behind us these six or seven days, let’s move on. It was a phenomenal approach from the first minute. I was a little scared of the bad pitch, the opponent, the warm weather, but everything was as it should be. We opened the game on time and when you enter everything goes easier ”, he said Dejan Stankovic after the victory in Novi Pazar.


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