Stanojevic scheduled a gathering with the fans, all questions on the menu on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Does not have Aleksandar Stanojevic what to hide. As he has said many times, everything is open with him, without mysticism or background, and in order to confirm the thesis about the availability of the public, the Partizan coach invited all the fans to hang out.

And the confirmation arrived: on Tuesday at 2 pm, at the stadium in Humska 1, the head of the professional staff of the first team of Parni Valak will be there to answer the questions of Grobar, in an unprecedented conference in Serbian football. All in order to remove the dilemmas that have been circulating about him for months.

"Black and white is in your heart, but you are full of doubts and have a million questions? We invite you to present all your doubts, prejudices and questions, instead of on social networks, and put them live to the head of the expert staff, Aleksandar Stanojević, at the open tribune on Tuesday at 2 pm ", announced Partizan, noting that there are only two conditions.

One is for everyone to be dressed in black and white, the other to be over 16 years old.

The black and whites added that the gathering will be held in the basketball hall of the stadium, the entrance through the east stand, and that it is obligatory to wear masks and respect the measures to fight against the corona virus.

"I invite fans from all stands, as well as those who watch from home, to participate in the tribune that I will organize. Whatever you want to ask me, all the questions circulating these days, whether they are conspiracy theories, I will answer them all. So I invite you to join me, to ask me questions", He added Stanojevic.


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