Stanojevic surprised by Napredak’s move: We weren’t penalized for 33 games, we didn’t do such a terrible thing

"Don’t take away something that makes us play football,” says the Partizan coach

The derby round will be played on Sunday, Partizan will arrive in Krusevac, however, it is not yet known whether they will enjoy the support from the stands. According to the information from the Napredak camp, the gravediggers were forbidden to enter the "Mladost” stadium, but the answer came from Humska that the suspension arose as a result of the incident in Novi Pazar and that the audience could go to the stands.

It all started with the words of director Charapan Vladimir Arsić, which states that the decision of the FSS Disciplinary Commission forbade Partizan fans to come in an organized manner, and all supporters of Parni Valak with club insignia will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

"The part of the south stand, intended for visiting fans, will be closed, and our supporters with season tickets, if they do not want to go south, can enter the north stand.", He pointed out Arsic.

And provoked a reaction Aleksandar Stanojević, head of the professional staff of the club from Humska.

"We will check … We played three penalty games, we were guests in Lazarevac, Kragujevac and Novi Pazar without fans. We can’t be penalized for 33 matches, we didn’t do such a terrible thing. We expect our fans on Sunday", Explained the coach of the black and whites. "The fans mean a lot to us, there is no reason not to attend the game in Krusevac. Don’t take away something that makes us play football. Okay, something happened in Novi Pazar, everyone was punished adequately, we shouldn’t talk about it anymore“.

More details coming soon …


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