Summary of yesterday (Saturday): Catastrophe directed by the English and the Spaniards

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SPECIJA – MILAN (COM)type 2, odds 1.55) – result 1: 2

Not many football families on the planet can boast of a similar feat, but Maldini’s are definitely special. Not only in Italy, but in the whole of Europe. Today in Spezia, a goal in the Rossoneri jersey was scored by a member of the third generation – Daniel, who thus continued the steps of his grandfather Cesare and father Paolo. The home players almost spoiled the story in the "third generation of the Maldini”, as Daniele Verde equalized the score in the 80th minute, but the injustice was prevented by Braim Diaz seven minutes later and took the team of Stefano Pioli to the first place.

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SEVILLE – ESPANJOL (type 1, odds 1.43) – result 2: 0

With his third goal in six matches of the Spanish championship, Yusuf En-Nesiri hinted in the 13th minute that the duel with the guests from Barcelona could be a routine job, however, far from it. Although they were a better rival in terms of ball possession, initiative and chances, the hosts could only rest in the 88th minute, when reserve player Rafa Mir doubled the lead.

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PSG – MONPELJE (type 1, quota 1.17) – result 2: 0

Despite the maximum eight victories in the French championship, Paris Saint-Germain is not playing as expected from such an expensive team. Mauricio Pochettino’s team defeated Montpellier in the duel of the most efficient teams in the league as the host, but again it was not a high-level game. Saints fans cannot be satisfied before the Champions League derby with Manchester City next Tuesday in Paris. The host entered the game violently, forcing the rival to retreat in front of his goal from the first minute, which paid off in the 14th minute, when Idrisa Gay beat Jonas Omlin with a great shot from 17 meters under the crossbar. And then, doing the job until the 88th minute, when Julian Draxler set the final 2: 0 just a few seconds after entering the game.

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FAJENORD – NEC (COM)type 1, odds 1.30) – result 5: 3

Fireworks on De Kuypu. The players of both teams gave a great performance to the present spectators. NEC did not give up even when, after only 17 minutes of the game, they were two goals behind. He equalized by half time, and then reached a turning point. The final, however, went to the host. Till equalized in the 80’s, and then reversed the result nine minutes later. The point was put by Dessers in the second minute of overtime.


MANCHESTER UNITED – ASTON VILLA (type 1, odds 1.40) – result 0: 1

The red light is on at Old Trafford, Manchester United has not been this powerful for a long time, and yet many things are not right. And it will take time for all the dice to line up. The only big question is whether the Red Devils have such a man on the bench and whether Ole Gunnar Solskjer is up to the task of "winning the Premier League”. Shara United with the results, and the defeat by Aston Villa at the crowded Dream Theater, belongs to the category of those who should not have happened.

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BRENTFORD – LIVERPOOL (type 2, odds 1.55) – result 3: 3

They came to the so-called small door to the Premier League, but Brentford represents a real pleasant refreshment of the elite rank of English football this season. After the victories over Arsenal and the Wolves, and the draw with Crystal Palace and Aston Villa, the great team of Thomas Frak won a big point in the clash with the famous Liverpool at the Brentford Community Stadium. It was not enough for the Reds that they attacked the whole game, they had an advantage twice, but they did not have a solution for the great persistence of the home team.

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ALAVES – ATHLETICS MADRID (type 2, quota 1.58) – result 1: 0

A corner kick, a header in the 4th minute and a successful defense until the end of the game. Most would probably think that this is the way Atletico Madrid beat Alaves, but it was actually the other way around. In that way, Atletico suffered its first defeat of the season, laid down its arms in Vitoria and once again showed that flowers do not bloom in the ranks of the Quilters, especially when it comes to attack.

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LESTER – BARNLEY (type 1, odds 1.70) – result 2: 2

Lester dominated King Power, but the defense creaked again. Burnley, as expected, left the ball to the rival and selflessly defended, but he had no solution for Vardi. The foxes missed, but in the end, thanks to the experienced shooter, they found their way to the opponent’s net twice, so Brendan Rodgers can be satisfied with the game in the opponent’s half, and to some extent with the execution. Numerous omissions were seen on the other side of the field, which Burnley managed to use twice. The guests were on the verge of triumph, first Vardi took away their advantage in the 85th minute for the second time in the match, and then VAR prevented them from celebrating. Chris Wood shook the net behind Casper Schmeichel in the fifth minute of the overtime, but found himself in a millimeter offside, which was confirmed by video technology.

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REAL MADRID – VILJAREAL (type 1, odds 1.60) – result 0: 0

There is no edge for Villarreal’s continuing victories, but one thing must be acknowledged to Unai Emery. He created an invincible team. The fifth draw in the sixth round of the Primera Jude Submarine has a poorer taste and smell, as it was won in a clash with Real Madrid, which put an end to Ancelotti’s team’s beautiful series. And it is quite normal that now everyone will emphasize the goalless duel as a big mistake by Real Madrid, something that should not have happened. But Villarreal can also feel sorry for the whole spoils. Unai Emery was bouncing next to the bench, he was annoyed when Pablo Alcácer missed a goal in the 57th minute, maybe worth the whole booty.

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LION – LORIAN (type 1, odds 1.40) – result 1: 1

The job was significantly difficult for the host from the 14th minute, when the left back Emerson received a direct red card, but they managed to remain undefeated. In the 51st minute, Carl Toko Ekambi annulled the advantage of the guests from the 20th, when Armand Lorriet was precise.


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