Summary of yesterday (Thursday): Zvezda complied!

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LUDOGOREC – C. ZVEZDA (type 0-2, odds 1.70) – result 0: 1

As time goes by since February 2020 and his debut on the bench of the red and whites, also in the coaching waters, Dejan Stanković is increasingly suggesting high achievements in his new career. We saw that tonight against Ludogorets.


PARTIZAN – FLORA (type 1, odds 1.20) – result 2: 0

Partizan decided to attack the first place in the group stage of the Conference League. With all my might, leave nothing to chance. At some other times he might have struggled with outsiders, however, he disarmed opponents in the first two rounds of Group B with almost no problems.


VEST HEM – RAPID (type 1, odds 1.25) – result 2: 0

Rapid was defeated with 2: 0, although the Hammers deserved a more convincing triumph. Rice and Dawson hit the frame of the goal in the first half. Jarmolenko’s great ball and Antonio’s ideal reception and assist enabled Rice to score an empty goal in the 29th minute. In overtime, Benrama confirmed the victory.

LACIO – LOK. MOSCOW (type 1, odds 1.40) – result 2: 0

On the wings of the victory in the city derby, Lazio provided another great game and easily defeated the Moscow Lokomotiv, and he could have won with a bigger result.

LION – BRONDBY (type 1, odds 1.30) – result 3: 0

The French ran over the guests from the north of the Old Continent like a shallow stream. And that after 0: 0 in the first 45 minutes. In the continuation of the match, the goals were scored by Toko Ekambi in the 64th and 71st minute and Auar in the 86th minute.


LUDOGOREC – C. ZVEZDA (type 1, odds 2.70) – result 0: 1

For the fifth year in a row, the Red Star is playing the group stage of one of the two best UEFA competitions, and for the second time in a row, it is on its way to walk through the first part of the Europa League without drama.


PARTIZAN – FLORA (type 1 & 3 +, odds 1.62) – result 2: 0

The triumph was signed by Lazar Markovic, who took over the role of the ruthless executor from Ricard Gomes. If the African pulled the Steamroller for most of the season, the captain took responsibility at the premiere of the group stage in front of the Undertaker. He scored two goals, he could have scored another.


MARSELJ – GALATASARAJ (type 1, odds 1.65) – result 0: 0

A lot of goals were scored across Europe this evening, and this is the only one in the Europa League that has ended without the nets shaking. The victory of the hosts at the magnificent Velodrome was expected, but …

NAPOLI – SPARTAK M. (type 1, odds 1.20) – result 2: 3

Lucian Spalletti’s team is perfect in Italy (6/6), but in the Europa League it clearly emphasizes its candidacy for early elimination. After the last-minute save in Leicester (from 0: 2 to 2: 2 in the referee’s compensation), tonight Spartak brings all three points to Moscow from the San Paolo stadium.

LEGION – LESTER (type 2, odds 1.70) – result 1: 0

Leicester may have had something more than a game, controlled the possession and had more shots on goal, but the host defended heroically and in the end defended with a minimum of 1: 0.


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