Sutjeska this season as Buducnost last, the fight for Europe on the coast

Last season, Buducnost from Podgorica probably won the title the easiest of all the champions on the Old Continent. The people of Podgorica left behind the second-placed Sutjeska with 28 points, and for now, the people of Nikšić are in a good position to take revenge on them. The current champion is playing a terrible season, unlike Sutjeska, which with a possible victory against Podgorica (Saturday, 18.00) can escape its biggest rival at +14, and the second-placed Iskra at +9 points on the table.

There would be nothing strange in all this, if the championship was not only in its quarter, that is, only nine complete rounds were played. However, all teams are more or less of similar quality, except for Sutjeska, which is the only one that does not yet know about the defeat.

18.00: (3.90) Podgorica (3.30) Sutjeska (1.92)

At the opening of the 10th round on Friday, Iskra lost to Jezera with 1: 0, so now the team that is training Milija Savović can further increase the difference in the tables.

"We finished one round with an outstanding result of seven wins and two draws, so we are entering the next cycle with much more confidence than we had at the start of the championship.He said Savovic.

Podgorica is penultimate on the table with only one victory and five points won, so essentially it should not be too dangerous for the leader. The team on whose bench he sits Nenad Vukčević, who is already the third coach of that team since the beginning of the season, was defeated in Nikšić with 1: 0. After the first match with Sutjeska in the First League, back in August 2019, the people of Podgorica never defeated their current rival again. Of the next seven games, four lost and drew three.

Now, after the start of that match, the only two first league players from the coast, Mornar and OFK Petrovac, will meet in Bar. Somewhat unexpectedly, for now, both teams are fighting for a place in the qualifications for the Conference League.

19.00: (1.87) Mornar (3.25) OFK Petrovac (4.20)

Unexpectedly because Mornar played in a lower rank last season, and Petrovac barely escaped relegation there through the playoffs. Both teams opened the championship very well, although they have been declining in the last few weeks. Barani have lost three of the last four games, and Petrovac has had the effect of a win, a draw and two defeats in that period.

In their first match, Mornar triumphed with 1: 0 and thus became one of only two teams to which Petrovac did not score in the first round of the competition. The second is Sutjeska, which played 0-0 with them in Nikšić. Petrovac’s goal difference is 17:17, completely atypical for Montenegrin football, while Mornar is at the usual 9: 7.



Jezero – Iskra 1: 0 (1: 0)

/ Đuraković 20 /


18.00: (3.90) Podgorica (3.30) Sutjeska (1.92)

19.00: (1.87) Mornar (3.25) OFK Petrovac (4.20)


19.00: (4.60) Zeta (3.45) Decic (1.75)

20.00: (1.65) Buducnost (3.50) Rudar (5.30)

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