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City Secretary for Social Protection Natasa Stanisavljevic said that the City of Belgrade is working to improve the accessibility of the City Administration building to deaf and hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted people within the project "Our hands – our word 2021”.

On this occasion, she pointed out that the built-in induction system for people with hearing aids and the information tactile board in Braille for the blind are becoming accessible to people with disabilities.

Photo: Beoinfo

– The goal of the City Administration of the City of Belgrade is to be accessible to all persons with disabilities. Within the framework of the International Week of the Deaf, which is being held this week, the most important thing is that the first translation service for Serbian sign language was opened in Belgrade, when deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to have daily communication with citizens, not only in Belgrade but in Serbia. This is made possible through a "video relay” and a sign language interpreter – said Stanisavljević.

She emphasized that all counters and both offices of the City Administration have become accessible for all deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as for blind and partially sighted people.

Photo: Beoinfo

– Today, tactile boards have been installed that will help blind people find the information they need. In addition, on that board, all the names are made in Braille so that blind people can have communication and read what they need to know where to submit which request and to whom to turn. Also, an induction system has been installed, which helps deaf and hard of hearing people because it performs speech amplification. When it comes to deaf people, their disability is not as visible as some other types of physical disabilities, and their biggest problem is communication. With this induction system for deaf people and tactile boards for blind people, all rights are available to them and they can understand in the languages ​​in which they communicate – said Stanisavljević.

Photo: Beoinfo

It is estimated that more than one hundred thousand people with disabilities live in the City of Belgrade, and when it comes to deaf and hard of hearing and blind and partially sighted people, there are about 25 thousand of them.

– As long as there is one of our fellow citizens who needs help and support in order to achieve his first, we will help him. With this, we have made our services accessible and accessible to them, which includes them in everyday life and we are fighting for Belgrade to be a city without barriers – Stanisavljević explained.

The President of the Belgrade Center for Persons with Disabilities, Goran Šehović, specified that the event implies accessibility of two large facilities of the City Administration for blind and partially sighted and deaf and hard of hearing citizens of Belgrade. There are two information boards, which explain in Braille where each secretariat or service of the relevant secretariat is.

Photo: Beoinfo

– It makes it much easier for them because they don’t have to have a personal assistant with them. Also, there are two so-called induction loops or amplifiers, a speech signal amplifier, which helps people with a hearing aid to hear the interlocutor, that is, employees at the info desk, who give information. It adjusts the signal-to-noise ratio and reduces noise, traffic – Sehovic explained.

This is a very important day for people with disabilities and for the City Administration, said Sehovic.

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