Teen spared jail after assaulting man with metal pole

A LEIGH man has been spared jail after assaulting someone as part of a group with a metal pipe.

Harry Stevenson, 19, formerly of The Avenue, took part in an assault on Aiden Harrison in King Street West, Wigan, on April 11 this year, along with three others.

Bolton Crown Court heard Stevenson with his group saw Mr Harrison walking home and attacked him, punching and kicking him as well as hitting him with a pole.

Mr Harrison had already been assaulted earlier that night by a group Stevenson had been with that night.

Anna Bond, prosecuting, said: “A metal pole was used by the defendant to hit victim on the head.”

CCTV of the assault was seen as the time by police who attended the incident and Stevenson was arrested soon after. Harrison suffered multiple bruises due to the attack and had been left with anxiety.

Defending Stevenson, Claire Brocklebank, said that he had entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and that he had stayed out of trouble since the incident.

She also said that Stevenson had cut down on his cannabis use which had improved his mental health and meant he was going out at night less as he can now sleep better.

Stevenson was given an eight-month suspended prison term and a three-month curfew.

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