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The Minister of the Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, said today, at the ceremony of handing over the equipment to the voluntary fire brigades, which was procured with the funds of the Ministry of the Interior, that the virtue of the members of these societies is readiness to help without reward, glory and parts. people ready to be there when there is trouble and when it is difficult.

"He who is ready to sacrifice himself and his time, who prepares to help others without looking for a part when he fights fires, trouble, floods, will be there when Serbia is having a hard time, the hardest, and when peace and security are endangered, when they endanger her security ", said Minister Vulin on the Freedom Square in Novi Sad.

The Minister pointed out that today, when we stand in the capital of the northern Serbian province, we cannot but think of our brothers in Kosovo and Metohija, who are being deprived of the right to exist, to last, to live in Serbia chosen by their birth, religion and nation.

"And that is why while there are you, while each of you is able to give mother Serbia a part of your time, beliefs, trust, and they know that Serbia is there and that they are not alone. While our President Aleksandar Vučić is able to withstand every pressure, attack, meanness and hatred, we are ready to protect our Serbia and we will protect it as the life of each of us. The times ahead will show and prove that Serbia is eternal as long as its children are faithful to it ", said Minister Vulin.

The Minister told the members of the voluntary societies that in selfish times, others look at them strangely, because without a salary and compensation, without a reward, they help others.

"When hard times come, when the hours of trouble come, then no one remembers the questions and wonders anymore, but they are grateful that you exist, that you were there to help when it was hardest,” said the minister, emphasizing that only people remain in difficult times. , no honor, no money, no fame, no power, only people and no one else.

The mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, pointed out that voluntary fire brigades have a century-old tradition, that the authorities have changed, and that the socio-political arrangements, and that they have always been there – on the same task.

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"Voluntary fire brigades, which have been our mainstay for decades and even centuries, whose brave members are coping with every disaster, are no longer left to themselves, no longer depend on the financial strength of a local self-government,” Vucevic said, adding that Serbia today he knows how to appreciate his brave volunteers, the tribal people of different professions who are always there – in the forefront, when we are in trouble or disaster.

The organization and work of the Voluntary Fire Brigades, as he emphasized, are prescribed by law for the first time, which formally recognizes their status of special importance for protection and rescue.

"I am proud to be part of the government that has done such a great thing, for our entire society,” said Vučević, adding that the city of Novi Sad will always be there to help volunteer fire brigades.

The President of the Fire Brigade Association of Serbia, Dragan Capin, pointed out that the previous period was not easy for anyone, not even for voluntary firefighting, and especially for volunteer firefighters.

"Voluntary firefighting was devastated and fought for survival for many years, until the Ministry of the Interior recognized the need to adopt the Law on Voluntary Firefighting, the first law after 40 years or more, which is the starting point for further successful development of voluntary fire brigades. ", Said Capin.

He thanked Minister Vulin, who immediately upon taking office, as he said, recognized the importance of voluntary firefighting and volunteer firefighters in Serbia, who provide very significant support to professional fire and rescue units in extinguishing fires and other emergencies.

"Since you took office, the largest financial assistance to volunteer firefighters in the last few decades has begun. The proof is precisely the equipment, part of which is still on display at this gathering today, "said Capin.

As a sign of gratitude for the help and support, the President of the Fire Brigade Association of Serbia, Ćulum, presented Minister Vulin with the Honorary Fire Cross – the highest recognition awarded by the Fire Brigade Association of Serbia.

Voluntary firefighting in Serbia has a long tradition, and the first such society was founded in 1805 in Elmir. In Serbia, 350 voluntary fire brigades with about 3,000 members are officially registered, which are engaged on average in about 40 interventions per month.

Source: Tanjug

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