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The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabić, together with the Mayor prof. Dr. Zoran Radojicic and Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, as well as with representatives of the companies "Beo čista energija” and "Itoča” visited the new sanitary landfill, power plant and recycling plant for construction waste in the city landfill Vinča. The event was also attended by Minister Irena Vujović, State Secretary Jelena Tanasković, Secretary for Environmental Protection Ivana Vilotijević, Secretary for Social Protection Natasa Stanisavljević, Mayor of Grocka Dragan Pantelić, as well as the ambassadors of Austria and Canada.

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Ana Brnabić emphasized that this project, worth 370 million euros, solves the decades-long problem of municipal waste disposal in the city of Belgrade, and thus we are finally showing a responsible approach to environmental protection.

She reminded that the inhabitants of Belgrade generate about 1,600 tons of communal waste per day, which has been deposited in a completely unconditional landfill for 45 years.

– This landfill was one of the fifty biggest environmental problems in the world, and the second on the European continent. In the last 45 years, more than five billion cubic meters of methane have been emitted from this landfill into the atmosphere – said Brnabić.

Photo: Beoinfo

She pointed out that this whole project contains five small projects, each of which is extremely important for the protection of the environment.

– The first project is the closing of the old landfill and the construction of a new sanitary landfill, which opened on August 2. The second is the opening of a landfill for construction waste disposal, which opened on August 18. The third component is the construction of a power plant for the incineration of municipal waste, which will be completed in November next year. This means that from the next heating season in Belgrade, we will have about ten percent of the total thermal energy and five percent of the electricity that will come from waste, ie renewable energy sources – Prime Minister Brnabić specified.

She added that the fourth project is a landfill gas power plant that will convert it into electricity and heat, and the fifth project refers to a wastewater treatment plant.

– This plant is in line with the best EU standards, and there are 492 such plants in Europe – Brnabić emphasized and invited civil society organizations to take part in the public debate on the new Waste Management Strategy.

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Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić announced that the reorganization of "Gradske čistoće” will begin, and that, thanks to the recycling yards, waste sorting will begin. This practically means, Vesić explained, that the citizens will receive bags for different types of waste and the entire reward system will be established if the citizens sort the waste.

– That is a consequence of the final solution of the sanitary landfill in Vinča. In the coming years, we will establish a system in Belgrade that exists in all countries of developed Europe, and that means waste sorting and primary selection, so that not all waste will be brought to the landfill – Vesić pointed out.

Ten percent of the radiators in the capital will be heated by energy obtained from waste, which will be a big step forward when it comes to environmental protection, Vesić stated. He also reminded that the construction of the heating transmission line Obrenovac-Belgrade will begin, which will also enable the reduction of gas purchases by one third.

– This was a key moment to close one "environmental bomb” that no one dealt with, and the problem first began to be solved in 2017. The landfill now looks like anywhere in Europe – said Vesić.

The start of work and wastewater treatment plants is expected very soon, so that "not a single drop of unprocessed water will go to the Danube or the country, but in pure form to nature,” the deputy mayor concluded.

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The executive director of the company "Itoču”, Takanori Morita, pointed out that this company is currently implementing three large projects in Serbia, investing in a company for fruit processing, construction of a desulphurization system in TPP "Nikola Tesla” and a landfill project in Vinča.

– The importance of the environment is growing all over the world and we are very committed to that goal. I want to give you a promise that we will implement the project, continue to cooperate and deepen our friendship, with the desire to jointly develop Serbia – said Takanori Morita.

Photo: Beoinfo

The executive director of the company "Beo čista energija”, Filip Tiel, pointed out that since last year’s visit, a new landfill and a plant for the treatment of construction waste have been put into operation, which will be turned into a unit for road reconstruction.

– The new landfill is in accordance with the strictest European standards, thanks to which we will avoid the emission of CO2 into the air and prevent the pollution that has existed so far. The beginning of the work of the new landfill enabled the conditions to start the works on the rehabilitation and stabilization of the existing landfill, and there are also works on the plant for energy utilization of municipal waste. All key components of this system have been delivered to the site and we expect the plant to start operating at the end of 2022 – said Tiel, emphasizing that works on expanding the capacity of the new landfill are also expected.

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