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The Ministry of Education announced the latest models according to which students will go to school next week.

According to the latest cross-section of the epidemiological situation in schools, no school in Serbia will be in the third model next week, that is, online. This was stated by Minister Branko Ružić.

The team’s decision is based on better data that refers to both educational institutions and local governments, and they confirm what we have been saying for a year – that schools are not a place of transmission, and that children are mostly infected outside of school. Therefore, the minister says, it is important that parents do not send their children to school if any of the family members feel any symptoms or are infected.

"Children are the most important to us and we must all do our best to ensure that education is of the highest quality for them – and that is direct teaching,” the minister said.

The Minister stated that the Team for monitoring and coordinating the application of preventive measures in the work of schools also made a decision that the second model of organization of educational work, ie combined teaching from Monday, October 4, 2021, be applied in secondary schools on the territory of 23 local self:

1. Bajina Basta,
2. Belgrade
3. Valjevo,
4. Velika Plana,
5. Vladicin Han,
6. Vlasotince
7. Vranje,
8. Vrnjacka Banja
9. Ivanjica
10. Kragujevac,
11. Lajkovac,
12. Lebane
13. Leskovac,
14. Nis,
15. Novi Pazar
16. Pirot
17. Prokuplje,
18. Sjenica,
19. Temerin
20. Ub,
21. Uzice
22. Čačak,
23. Sabac

The second model of teaching implies that the educational process is organized by combining direct teaching and distance learning, and the classes are divided into groups.

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