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The play "Wide Country” based on the play by Arthur Schnitzler, directed by Marko Manojlović, will open the new season of the Yugoslav Drama Theater on September 26, it was announced at the press conference of this theater.

The premiere of the play was planned for June as the end of the last 2020/2021 season, but due to minor problems, it was postponed to the very beginning of autumn.

The acting ensemble is composed of leading and sought-after drama artists – Vojin Chetković, Marija Vicković, Svetlana Bojković, Irfan Mensur, Petar Benčina, Milica Mihajlović, Milena Vasić, Srdjan Timarov, Aleksej Bjelogrlić and Tamara Šustić.

Director Marko Manojlović, for whom this is the fifth play on the JDP stage, pointed out that the process of working on the new part was very hard due to the difficult situation with the pandemic.

That is why he is especially grateful to the entire acting ensemble for their patience, for presenting this project, and the audience will give their opinion.

Manojlović also revealed that for the first time in his career he is facing some part of Arthur Schnitzler, which was a special challenge for him, because he believes that this writer will only be discovered even more in domestic and world theaters.

He emphasized that Schnitzler is a true representative of modernity in dramaturgy, has a pronounced psychology, and the topic itself is very complex.

The main actor Vojin Chetković said about the writer that he was mostly known as the author of comedies, vaudeville, and that this is a very serious social drama.

Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Žestić

"I am grateful to the young actors of this play, Tamara Šustić and Aleksej Bjelogrlić, who are very interested in theater, and not just television. "A lot of feature TV series are being filmed today, and they have decided on a serious theater,” Vojin Chetković noticed.

He added that they reduced the cast, which was in the beginning, due to the kovid situation, and it is a very extensive play.

Actor Srdjan Timarov expressed great satisfaction that he is finally collaborating with the legendary Svetlana Bojković on the same stage, which made his wish come true today.

"The play concerns me extremely personally, at this moment in my career and life, and thus the theater seemed even closer to me.

Here I learned that it doesn’t matter what you do, what drama, but who you work with. And I would always do anything with this team, "Timarov concluded.

Milica Mihajlović, a member of Atelje 212, is very glad that she is returning to the JDP stage after a long break, and she described the new piece briefly: what decadence looks like before the end of the world.

Prominent artist Irfan Mensur underlined that he has no desire or intention for the personal success of his role, but for the young and promising director to experience triumph.

"This play will be a real surprise for theatrical Belgrade,” Mensur mentioned and praised the young actors in the division and welcomed them to the JDP.

Svetlana Bojković briefly stated that she liked the role very much, and that it is interesting to her that she once played mother Dragan Bjelogrlić in the series "Better Life”, and now she interprets the mother to his son Aleksej.

Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Žestić

Then she added that her role is not great, but that she has something to play.

Austrian playwright, narrator and playwright Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931) is known to the Serbian theater audience for the fragmentary drama "Vrteška”, which was played on the BDP stage a long time ago, while in JDP, on the stage "Bojan Stupica” , the drama "Blue Room” by David Herr was performed, as a direct adaptation of "Carousel”.

Until recently, that comedy was also performed on the stage of "Boško Buha”, directed by Darjan Mihajlović.

The drama "Wide Country” was not played in Serbia, and was published 110 years ago in Berlin.

In the same year, 1911, it was performed for the first time in the "Folksteatr” in Vienna, and that play was then played on as many as nine stages of the German-speaking area at the same time.

The fact that he is an important writer is also shown by the fact that the famous film director Stanley Kubrick based his last, capital film "Wide Closed Eyes” (1999) on Schnitzler’s novel "A Novel about a Dream” (1926).

Schnitzler was a doctor by education and a member of the avant-garde art group "Young Vienna”, as well as one of the important authors of the collective "Vienna Modern”.

During his studies, he showed interest in psychiatry, and his acquaintance with the famous Sigmund Freud had a great influence on his literary work, from which the mentioned "Novel about a dream” arose.

During the pandemic, JDP had several premieres, such as – "Puccina”, "My Husband”, "Belgrade Trilogy” and "Kaspar”, which is in the main selection of the 54th and 55th editions of the BITEF festival.

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