The whole family was scared for Darko Lazić, and Marina warned him – 24sata online

Singer Darko Lazić lost about 70 kilograms after stomach surgery in just half a year, in the middle of last year, and underwent a healthy diet.

Namely, Lazić literally halved himself, so then the doctor with whom he went for stomach surgery drew his attention to stop and start eating normally and moderately.

– We joke with Darko that he is slowly but surely disappearing, no matter how many more kilos down and his Marina will be fatter than him. But still, care must be taken! The doctor explained to him that he now has an ideal weight and that he should start a diet – says a source close to the singer, Star writes.

The singer’s former fiancée Marina also warned him then and asked him not to go from extreme to extreme, to look great now and to just continue with a healthy diet to maintain the desired weight.

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