THERE IS NO END TO THE HARASSMENT OF SERBS! ROSU punched tires on Serbian trucks ?! – 24sata online

Serbs remained at the barricades of two administrative crossings, Jarinje and Brnjak. Simic stated that members of ROSU intentionally damaged vehicles with Serbian license plates.

It should be reminded that an agreement was reached in Brussels on Thursday on resolving the crisis in northern Kosovo, caused by Pristina’s decision to ban the use of license plates for Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija. The EU called on both sides to implement all previously reached agreements and to continue the dialogue in order to normalize relations.

However, Serbs are still at the barricades they set up 12 days ago.

ROSU units punctured truck tires?

At the Jarinje crossing, unknown perpetrators punctured the tires of Serb-owned trucks during the night, which were used for the blockade.

Citizens who are blocked at the Jarinje crossing claim that members of the special units of the Kosovo Police are doing it during the shift and that drilling tires is in the function of obstructing the removal of barricades, would Serbs not be accused if part of the agreement reached yesterday in Brussels was not fulfilled? Kosovo online.

Kosovo Police: It’s not us

Today, the Kosovo Police rejected the allegations of the Serb List MP Igor Simić about causing damage to vehicles parked at the barricades at the Brnjak administrative crossing.

"It is speculated that special police units, during the shifts at the Brnjak crossing, on September 30, 2021, around 11:30 PM, allegedly intentionally damaged dozens of private vehicles parked on the road and, according to the pictures, the mentioned vehicles were scratched by officers,” he said. is in the statement and adds that the police are professional and enforce the law.

The Kosovo police also stated that "they do not fall prey to constant provocations, misinformation and false news aimed at certain political goals.” The statement said that the police carried out official checks with the relevant units in the field and that it was proven that such information was untrue, because the police units were not involved in it under any circumstances.

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