There is no magic wand, but one center would help him a lot

He started successfully as a result Željko Obradović second term on the bench of Partizan – victory in Zadar. Impressions are mixed, the first match of the season, away, without the sick Rodion Kuruca… Not exactly an ideal time to draw big conclusions. The most important thing for Parni Valjak is that he achieved a triumph. Eventually, he will remember it.

But one thing is self-evident from the preparatory matches to Zadar: Partizan lacks (at least one more) classic center.

It happened several times that tall players from Zadar caught the ball two or three times in the black and white racket (in the same attack), so that already through those situations it was possible to sense that the black and whites need another "tall” in the rotation. History has taught us that without them it is difficult to achieve great results. Partizan is currently lagging behind in that regard. Especially when viewed in relation to competitors in the region.

Starting five, Balsha Koprivic, a he played 13 and a half minutes and did not register as a scorer. He kicked once in two and was not accurate from half distance. He added four rebounds to it all.

Dusan Miletic During the preparations, he got minutes on the fifth, but he did not enter the game in Zadar.

And while we are still waiting for the definitive outcome of the situation around Villa Mozlija, it seems that black and whites lack "meat” and strength under the hoop.

The role of "five” can be done Zek Lady i Allen Smailagic, but and Smilies did not catch the rhythm in Dalmatia (finished the match with five points and two rebounds), which can be justified to some extent by the fact that he has just returned from injury.

He is the only high player who certainly deserved an excellent grade Lady with a double-double effect of 10 points and 10 rebounds, enriched with two assists and one stolen ball.

A similar story was in the preliminaries. Against Ulm Koprivica scored 14 points and two Miletic who scored the same amount for Panathinaikos and Fenerbahce, and four more for Ephesus. Moseley apparently he will not return.

So, a lot of the burden in that sense will fall on Ledeja i Smailagić, which on paper should deal with at most position four.The American played against Zadar for 32 minutes.

You can see Partizan’s shortcomings under the basket and through the numbers of high-ranking players from Zadar. Uroš Lukovic (11 points, four rebounds), Domagoj Vukovic (16 points, seven rebounds) and Alexander Bursac (eight points, four rebounds) caused quite a problem for the black and whites in the racket, especially in the jump.

"By our choice, we have the youngest team in the Eurocup. We are looking for another reinforcement, a tall player, to complete the roster ", he said Savic mid-September.

On the other hand, the Steamroller can be satisfied with the performance of defenders and wings. Panther i Moore they solved the duel, Avramović showed how dangerous he was in the attack, Zagorac had a big impact during the second section, Trifunovic hinted that he might make a breakthrough, Madar scored an important three-pointer… The Black and Whites shot a total of 37% for three points, which is also a positive thing to which Ledej contributed with two three-pointers, and Smailagić with one.

Sam Obradović After the victory, he pointed out that there are details that his players need to correct.

"We have a lot of details ahead of us that we need to fix and make the players understand. The first victory is satisfaction. We will have to work on the details", he said Obradović.

They mentioned in the previous weeks from the club that upon arrival Obradović the job is not finished, that Partizan will not automatically be promoted to the Euroleague, but that there are many challenges ahead for the black and whites and that it takes time to succeed. And they were right.

Obradović he is the greatest, but he is not a magician. There is no magic wand, but a quality tall player would significantly help him …


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