TRANSITIONS: Once upon a time there was a football, once there was a PES

At the beginning, like when you just start the game, and after the screen that says "Loading” there is "Disclaimer”, one explanation: this is not a text about video games. Okay, there will certainly be mentions of graphics and pixels and nights spent in front of the TV, like when you decided for the New Year not to go anywhere but to rent Sony for three holidays with PES, and when the long-awaited PES arrived and when it turned out that the commentator was Japanese (and could not be changed), and that this was exactly the version in which the best football players of FR Yugoslavia were called Sevicuvic and Satikovic, it was too late to change anything; ah, to be honest, we might not even change. There will be a guarantor of nervousness and quarrels and accusations ("there will be no penalties in the middle!”; "no goalback!”, when you go to the goal-out line and return for easy execution), and broken joysticks, but this really isn’t text about video games. Or it’s not primarily a text about video games. (Even if it were, it wouldn’t be wrong: except that they have long since become big business, except that tournaments are organized with real players, and even representative ones, except that you can bet to e-sports as if they were real – that saved us all a little bit mentally during the pandemic, didn’t it? – games have contributed to the popularity of sports, introducing, despite what all the evil angels of today say, many children into this wonderful world.) Esports , 16.00: (2,29) Team Finest – Nemiga (1,55) It ‘s about football, modern, and money, if it’ s not pleonasm, because those two things go hand in hand like buttocks and costumes. You may have already seen it, and if you haven’t, hurry up, because you’ll be laughing at the beginning of the work week and this fall, how much the whole internet is making fun of the new PES, which is no longer called PES but I guess eFootball. In short, the Japanese have been making this game for two long years, advertising it as virtual football for a new era – that’s why there was no last year’s iteration – and even free, and there was a pitcher where players go through the net, forget where the boundaries are, no they know how to calm the ball, and at the same time they are infinitely ugly, which is best evidenced by the now "viral” photographs of Cristiano Ronaldo with gaping jaws. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mozzart Sport (@mozzartsport) Okay, the latter can only bother children born in this century, and not in his early years: we were a bit older playing football where players had dice instead of heads and rhombuses instead of football boots, and not that nothing bothered us, but we were convinced that he was running just like Robben, and he was slipping all the way like Gatuzo, and we didn’t pay attention to names either, because who could say that Sevicuvic wasn’t the same The crash with the new game – Konami, meanwhile, has promised to make a "patch” within a month that will solve the biggest problems, and to try to provide its customers with an exceptional experience and what corporations are already talking about – it only aroused nostalgia. , so everyone these days remembered, just like the author of this text, his old joysticks and old skirmishes, the legendary PES 6 or even earlier versions in which the best spitz was Roberto Carlos. A man can easily fall into the trap of thinking that it is p It’s always been better, but when it comes to games, there is a clear reason why those with the determinant "retro” are so popular: people don’t lack good graphics, just as fans in "real life” don’t need much fancy and a totally colorful third set of jerseys. with a small coat of arms, rather than looking for soul, feeling and passion. meaning to everyone on merit. Well, maybe this modern football deserves no different game from the spectacular and corrupt PES and its mammoth, washed, but heartless rival called FIFA. , and how could they look different than today’s football? Why would PES and FIFA differ from the “Super League” if the sentences uttered by their creators resemble the statements of the demiurge of modern sport, including those across Nyon, Geneva and the Middle East? FIFA, at least in our circles, has always been something for children, for those who are not true connoisseurs of digital actions and center shots, but are only looking for a quick fix. But FIFA has amazing marketing, and has managed to convince all new generations that this vain experience, tricked and tense, is the right thing to do, although at first it can be compared to going to modern stadiums where there is great food, great views, trimmed grass, and down with emotionless gladiators who will love everyone’s coat of arms if they get paid enough for it. in the best sense of the word, "folk dance.” And now, just like, it is not difficult to conclude, just like football, kidnapped by the people and under the guise of improvement and "immersive experience” rolled in colorful mud. Instead of the game we loved, now there is a kind of hyper-realistic and hyper-wrong bullshit, full of bugs and nonsense, obviously made in a laboratory dominated by people who not only never ran for the ball, but loathed those who did, in which they invested. people who want promotion, and who only have earnings in mind. It all looks great, all these players really seem to be on the button, and they all have a lot of fun, and goals and great moves shine left and right, only in the end it can remain a bitter taste, and the heart and soul want it. which used to be, no matter how raw, and even dangerous it sometimes seemed. And no, we’re not talking about video games at all. .

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