Turkish champion wanted on Bosphorus: Micic and Petrushev defend title with Ephesus, Djordjevic challenges them on Fenerbahce bench

The strength of last season’s team Anadolu Efes was clearly illustrated by the difference in the final series of the Turkish championship against Fenerbahce. The Chosen Ones Ergina Atamana were in the plus of as many as 89 points after three games. The first match ended with the result – 111: 71, the second – 95:73, and the third – 93:66. That trophy was the icing on the cake, just a week after winning the European title.

A new fight for the title of national champion will start in Turkey today. It is clear that Ephesus, as the first favorite, will want to repeat the dream season, and that the biggest rival – Fenerbahce, will look for a way to revenge after the painful defeats last season. That would mean that the highest ranking will surely be chased by the Serbs – in one jersey Vasilije Micic i Filip Petrushev, and in another Marko Gudurić, when he will lead from the bench Aleksandar Djordjevic.

Although it seemed that the European champion would significantly change the roster after all the achieved goals, that did not happen, so he will attack the 16th crown in Turkey in a very similar composition. He will wear the baton again Vasilije Micic i Shane Larkin. Our national team member enjoyed the leadership role and was one of the most deserving of success on all stages. He achieved an average in the domestic championship of 14.2 points and 4.2 assists. He is expected to continue in the same rhythm and be the leading force Ataman expeditions.

Last season, this team showed how powerful it is, and this time it will face a new challenge that involves defending the biggest titles. The Serbian national team player will also try out as a newcomer Filip Petrushev, who has already shown in the preparations that he did not come to play only an episodic role. He showed some great games and hinted that he could get nice minutes in his debut season outside the borders of our country. Of the more important players, only the center left the center Sertach Shanli, who moved to Barcelona.

Efes finished last year’s competition year in Turkey with 29 wins in the regular season and only one defeat. He left Fenerbahce behind, who led Igor Kokoškov, with a score of 22-8. They walked extremely dominantly through the first part of the championship and through the playoffs. They should continue to tread the same path today, when they will meet the Merkezefendi team in the first round. This will be the first official clash of these two teams.

Fenerbahce is also facing a very challenging year, which is taking action with a new coach Salet Djordjevic. After the episode in the Italian Virtus, the Serbian expert decided to change the country and try on a new suit. During the preparation period, the Istanbul team defeated Belediyespor, Unix, Turk Telekom and Partizan, and lost to Bahcesehir and Galatasaray. The first official test on the bench of the Turkish team Djordjevic will have on Sunday against Darussafaka on the away field.

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Fenerbahce not only changed the professional staff, but also significantly refreshed the playing staff. They arrived at the club Devin Booker,, Ismet Akpinar,, Marijal Šajok,, Pierre Henry,, Metejan Birsen… The natives will start new actions with them De Kolo,, Guduric,, Happy,, Pierre,, Mahmutoglu… After one unsuccessful season, Fener will try to get back on the right path that leads to trophies. The last time the cup was lifted in Turkey was at the end of the 2017-2018 season under the leadership Željko Obradović.

During the regular part of the last competition year, they suffered as many as eight defeats. In the knockout phase, they defeated Darussafak and Karsiyaka, and then they suffered very heavy and painful defeats in the final series against Ephesus. Nando De Kolo and the teammates certainly did not forget the feeling after those matches, so now they will have an additional motive to take revenge on the great rival.

Serbian national team player Marko Gudurić returned to Fenerbahce from the NBA last year. In mid-December 2020, he borrowed well-known equipment again and a positive reaction in the team was immediately felt. It is expected to be a significant link this year as well Đorđević team.

When it comes to other Serbian representatives, there is also our tandem in Buraspor. There is a coach on the bench Dušan Alimpijević, and the jersey will be worn Dragan Milosavljevic. At the end of November last year, the Serbian expert came to the club, when he was in a very bad position. With his arrival, the situation changed, so at the end of the season, he was awarded a new contract for three years. Bursa managed to knock down Fenerbahce at one point, and finished the regular part in the ninth position.

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He spent part of the previous season in Bursa Stefan Birčević, and now it will be there Dragan Milosavljevic. The Serbian basketball player returned to the field in a Mega jersey after a serious knee injury. He played for the Belgrade club in May this year after a 21-month break. He played in the domestic championship, and then made the decision to continue his career in Turkey. It will be an opportunity to fully return to professional basketball, after a very difficult period. This team will also participate in the Eurocup, so as last season, they will play on two stages.

Basketball fans in Serbia will have time to cheer when it comes to the Turkish championship. The country has been ruled by Fener or Ephesus for several years, so it is expected that there will be a great struggle for supremacy even now. Since 2016, the title has ended only in their hands. Fener was the champion three times in a row (2016, 2017, 2018), and then the cup was taken over by Efes, which celebrated in 2019 and 2021. The championship was interrupted in 2020 due to a coronary virus pandemic.

It is certain that during this competition year, the greats from Istanbul will have the main say, and the other teams will try to ruin their plans. Karsiyaka, Tofash, Besiktas have good seasons behind them … Turk Telekom, Darushafaja and Gazijentep were also in the playoffs. Already in the first round, you will see what those teams have prepared to offer in the new season.

16 teams are participating in the championship, so it is a long way to the playoffs, let alone the finals. After 30 games in the regular season, the first eight teams will continue the battle in the knockout phase. Ephesus will start the race for the 16th trophy in the domestic championship today, and Fenerbahce will try to achieve the jubilee 10th title. So let the better one win …



12.00: (3.50) Turk Telekom – Tofas (1.35)

14.30: (1.17) Gazientep – Afyon Belediye (5.50)

17.00: (1.20) Buraspor – Jalova Belediyespor (5.00)

19.15: Anadolu Efes – Merkezefendi


12.00: (3.50) Bujukcekmece – Galatasaray (1.35)

14.30: (3.90) Petkim Spor – Pinar Karsiyaka (1.30)

17.00: (1.20) Bahcesehir – Besiktas (5.00)

19.15: (6.00) Darussafaka – Fenerbahce (1.15)


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