Unusual decision: Emma Radukanu won the US Open, then fired the coach

The young British tennis player thinks that she now needs someone who knows how to deal with the new situation, and that is not Richardson

She was shocked Emma Radukanu all by winning the US Open. The talented Briton cleared the competition in New York, did not lose a single set on the way to the throne and broke the hill of records. From that moment on, the British and world press was filled with photographs and texts about the new tennis star.

After the title, interesting stories about headphones, exams before Wimbledon surfaced … Emma Radukanu overnight she became a planetary star, and two weeks after lifting the trophy at the US Open, the 18-year-old tennis player decided on an unusual move – she fired the coach.

She was preparing for exams, hoping for new headphones, and in the end she pushed the boundaries and won 2,500,000 dollars

Andrew Richardson he received a "printout” and was sent to the labor office. A, Emma Radukanu such a move is justified by the fact that at this stage of her career she needs someone who knows how to deal with dizzying ascent, and he has experienced it on his own skin.

"I need someone with more experience, someone who went through all this and someone who worked as a tennis player who was in the situation I am in now. I feel that I need someone who could guide me, because all this is new to me, " she ordered Emma Radukanu after parting with the coach.

Coach cooperation Andrew Richardson and young Brits began in July, after Wimbledon, where she is Emma Radukanu reached the round of 16. Already at the premiere participation in the Grand Slam tournament Radukanu enchanted fans of "white sports” and hinted that she could achieve a lot in the future.

It’s just that none of the tennis experts expected it to Emma Radukanu already at the US Open to win the title and write the history of tennis.

"When we started working together, I was about 200th on the WTA list. At the time, I thought Andrew would be a great coach. I never dreamed that I would win the US Open and that I would now be 22nd in the world. At this stage of my career, I need someone who has experience, someone who knows what it’s like to be at this level and what it takes to stay there. ”


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