Usik is the new ruler: the Ukrainian Cat overthrew Joshua from the throne

With a spectacular fight at Tottenham Stadium in front of about 70,000 fans Anthony Joshua Alexander Usik he managed to defeat the defender of four belts in the heavyweight category (WBO, IBF, WBA and IBO) and ascended the boxing throne.

The Ukrainian did a good job in the third round when he broke the resistance of the rival, and after an early initiative during most of the match he dictated the pace and deservedly won after 12 rounds by a unanimous decision of the judges (117-112, 116-112, 115-113). ).

After an introductory showdown in the first two rounds, the third brought a handful of excitement, Usik he managed to shake Joshua who from that moment was forced into a much more passive role. The challenger continued to attack the Briton in the following rounds, and the audience, aware of the situation, cheered Joshua after each given stroke.

Intense and ruthless fight, worthy of the role of world champion, continued in the following rounds at the initiative of the popular Cat, and at the entrance to the tenth round, the consequences of the previous fight were already visible, so the Briton entered the final with an injured nose and the Ukrainian with a cut under his eye.

Photo: ReutersPhoto: Reuters

A few more great punches he delivered Usik they forced the defender of the throne to go for all or nothing if he wanted to keep the crown, but apparently exhausted he was not able to reverse the result by a possible knockout, so the world got a new owner of four heavyweight belts.

Defeat from Usika is the second in Joshua career since he overcame it in 2019 and Andy Ruiz, and is a rivalry with Tyson Fury fell into the shadow of a great Ukrainian who managed to attract world attention with only three victories, and will be looking forward to how the duel will end FuryWilder in October for the WBC title, after which we will almost certainly have a new one in a series of boxing duels to remember.


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