Vaccine factory in Zemun settlement Soko Salaš (Photo) – 24sata online

The mechanization is working hard on the construction of the first factory for the production of vaccines of the Chinese state company "Sinofarm”, in the Zemun settlement of Soko Salash, in the part of the economic zone "Autoput”. The deadline for the completion of the construction of the factory is the first quarter of next year and in the first phase, 180 workers will be employed.

Photo: Thermomont

The factory will produce 30 million vaccines a year, and the capacity is 40 million a year. The line of the German company "Sintegon”, which has protective systems against contamination according to world standards, has been contracted for filling and production.

The factory is a joint investment of Serbia, China and the United Arab Emirates, is built on a turnkey basis and represents a completely new investment, which will provide sufficient quantities of Chinese vaccine not only for Serbia but also the region, the municipality of Zemun said in a statement.

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