Vargas’ failed assassination of Palmeiras: When you go to the king, you better not miss (VIDEO)

The King of South America is alive and will have the opportunity to defend the crown he won last year. After 0: 0 in Sao Paulo, Palmeiras looked into the eyes of the elimination in the rematch of the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores in Belo Horizonte for almost half an hour, but mostly thanks to his goalkeeper Weverton and reservists Gabriel Verona managed to escape Atletico Mineiro from the guillotine and thanks to the away goal rule, placed in the finals of the elite competition of the Green Continent – 1: 1 (0: 0).

He will regret the white-black camp because of the missed opportunity. They had a rival in their hands and thus a ticket to enter the finals, they have an eight big eight-point advantage over tonight’s rival in the championship, however, they will not be able to combine both trophies for the first time in the club’s history. eliminations at Mineirau focus as much as possible on the Brazilian Serie A in which they have been waiting for the title for exactly 50 years.

The Athletic striker will regret it the most Edu Vargas. The only scorer of the Gala in this duel during the first hour flirted with the roles of heroes and tragedians, and in the end he got the second one. He missed Vargas in the first half, more precisely, he was defended by the visiting goalkeeper Weverton a couple of promising opportunities, justifying the coach’s recent calls Titea into the Brazilian national team, thus keeping the South American champion alive.

However, the attacker Edu he could not miss the experience forever. He escorted Vargasa at the start of the second half a cross shot Jaira to the right and head on the other tripod threw the South American champion to his knees. And just a few minutes later he had a chance to knock him out. But how Omar in the cult series "Wire” it clearly says: "When you go after the king, you better not miss.

Photo: ReutersPhoto: Reuters

Vargas did just that. After a double pass with Matthias Zarac found himself face to face with Weverton, but his "hand trembled” and the assassination of the king of the Green Continent failed. And Atletico was punished shortly afterwards. Coach Palmeiras Abel Ferreira in the 67th minute reacted with a change and introduced the game Gabriela Verona, and this sixty seconds later he roared with his left side, fooled Aranu and sent the ball to the box, where it is Dudu in the full race by sliding placed in the net.

The white and blacks panicked, but they still managed to create several opportunities until the end of the match. Best of all had almost imperceptible Hulk, whose blow to the head Weverton stopped and thus extinguished Athletic’s hope to fight for its second continental title.

Now it remains for him to turn to Serie A and not allow Palmeiras to leave him without a trophy there as well.



Atletico Mineiro – Palmeiras 1: 1 (0: 0) / first match 0: 0 /

/ Vargas 52 – Dudu 68 /


02.30: (4.50) Barcelona Guayaquil (3.60) Flamengo (1.82) / first match 0: 2 /

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