Vasko won with a player less, hit grandfather Nena again (VIDEO)

Vasko survived Tantalus’ torments on a visit to Brusque. One of the drownings of the Brazilian Serie B did not win anyone in 11 games in a row, he was hoping for points against the great from Rio who is playing poorly this season on the side (he was without a victory in four previous matches, only one point won in that period), however the fact that the guests played with a man less throughout the second half somehow managed to score three points (1: 0) and somehow stay in the race for the TOP 4.

Recall, the four best teams from the second league through 13 rounds will provide Serie A. Vasco da Gama is currently at minus seven in relation to CRB, by holding the last position leading to a higher rank, and the fact that this team expects a derby against Avai tomorrow gives a certain hope to the Sailors.

The hero of last night’s triumph, Vaska, is a veteran No no. The former first team player of Paris Saint-Germain is 40 years old, but he is also important for this team. In the last round, he scored for a point against Cruzeiro, and now, with a goal in the 57th minute, he knocked down Bruske.

The guests played without exclusion from the 44th minute Lea Matosa.

The host had a little more than the game below due to the numerical advantage, but he could not score …



Goias – Villa Nova 1: 2 (0: 1)

Remo – Nautico 1: 0 (0: 0)


Brusche – Vasco da Gama 0: 1 (0: 0)

21.00: (2.90) Londrina (2.70) Vitoria (2.75)

22.30: (2.85) Confession (2.85) Operario (2.65)

23.30: (2.30) CRB (2.90) Avai (3.35)


02.00: (2.50) Coritiba (2.85) Guarani (3.05)

21.00: (1.92) Cruzeiro (3.15) CSA (4.10)

23.15: (1.62) Botafogo (3.50) Sampajo Korea (5.60)

23.15: (1.62) Ponte Preta (3.35) Pelotas (6.00)

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