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Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić, together with the city secretary for social protection Natasa Stanisavljević, visited the Dimić family in the Surčin settlement of Progar, which consists of mother Jelena with five children. As he specified on that occasion, Jelena raises the children herself, which is why the city wants to help her.

Photo: Beoinfo

– We explained to her what rights she has according to the decisions of the city, because we help not only socially endangered families, but also those with more children. I am happy to have met this woman, who is a true mother of courage, full of optimism and who struggles to raise her children and give them everything she can. I am sure that she will succeed, with a scholarship for children, help through the Center for Social Work, employment as a geronto-housewife, which we will enable, because it is up to us to help her as much as we can – said Vesić.

Natasa Stanisavljevic explained that social protection also implies field work, because in that way people’s problems are best heard and the best insight into the situation is obtained.

Photo: Beoinfo

– In contact with people and on the basis of surveys, you can see whether it is necessary to initiate some new rights and services, which would be useful to citizens – said Stanisavljević.

Photo: Beoinfo

On this occasion, Vesić, together with his associates, distributed gifts to children and mothers, including laptops, tablets, educational and other toys.

The event was attended by the president of the municipality of Surcin, Stevan Šuša, and the actor Svetislav Goncić.

Source: Beoinfo

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