Virtus’ hundred at the premiere, Repeshi got sick after the close defeat of Fortitude, so he resigned (VIDEO)

The new season started in the Italian Palakenestra, and after Olympia Milan, the second favorite for the throne started triumphantly. The current champion overcame one of the most difficult obstacles in the championship, he celebrated as a guest against Trent – 102: 88.

It’s a company right away Serge Scariola put things in their place. She showed already at the start that she plans to defend the throne. She scored 30 points to one of the better clubs in the league in the first quarter, and in the end she crossed the magic line.

Milos Teodosic spent 22 minutes on the floor, the match ended with nine points, but also six assists. Again, the "White Wizard” cast magic and delighted the audience with a pass for Amadea Tessitoria.

The winning team led with 21 points Kevin Hervey, two less added Marco Belinelli, while 15 scored Kyle Wims. Amar Alibegović added 13, while double-digit with 10 was and Mamadu Reap. He did not disappoint the newcomer in the defeated team Cameroon Reynolds. The former NBA basketball player scored 24 points for the champions. He escorted him Diego Flacadori with 13, while 12 added Jonathan Williams. Dasonda Bradford added 10.

He marked the evening in Italy Jasmin Repeša. He left the Fortitud bench after the defeat by Reggina (80:81). He first earned the exclusion in the decisive moments, and then resigned at the press conference.

He explained the reasons for such a move and pointed out that he got a tachycardia in the locker room after the exclusion.

"I apologize to the club and the players for the exclusion. Judge Maconi knows that he is one of those I love, but I did not deserve to be treated like that, which is what I told him. From day one, I’ve been struggling here like a dog to put things in their place. After the shutdown, I got tachycardia again and decided to stop. I love Fortitudo, he is my first love, but I can’t go on, and you know very well that I am a person who does not change his decision once he makes it. I apologize for the defeat I’m guilty of. That would be all".

So, Fortitudo will have to look for a new coach after the defeat. At the end of the match, he had the opportunity to celebrate, but he did Jon Gudmundson grew into a tragedian. First he missed two penalties for a turnaround, and then a three in the last seconds …



Napoli – Milan 63:73


Trieste – Brindisi 70:70 / 84: 82 after extra time /

Varese – Brescia 75:72

Sassari – Pesaro 75:73

Fortitudo – Reggina 80:81

Tortona – Treviso 77:92

Venice – Cremona 88:71

Trento – Virtus 88: 102


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