Voždovac held a live football class in Subotica, Spartak is still in pitch darkness

What a flight of Dragons in the middle of Subotica! Voždovac has not had such a dance on the field for a long time. Everything went well for the boys in red jerseys, Spartak can still be satisfied with "only” four pieces in the net.

The agony of Spartacus continues. The people of Subotica brought great reinforcements, Nemanja Nikolić i Nemanja Mihajlovic, on paper they have an attack as strong as lightning, but in practice – it does not work.

While Spartak played around the penalty area of ​​Voždovac for 90 minutes, it was too complicated, with an excessive number of touches he wanted to enter the opponent’s goal, he got a lesson from direct football. How to reach the opponent’s net in the shortest possible time and with as little touch as possible. After a series without success, the Dragons broke up in the north, from where they brought three points to Voždovac – 4: 0.

The Belgrade team even "managed” to miss a penalty, in the 65th minute the Spartak goalkeeper Manojlovic defended the shot from 11 meters Nikola Vujnovic. But, the rematch arrived eight minutes later, when the Montenegrin striker crowned the masterful action in five moves from the top five.

Nothing in the introductory part of the match suggested such an epilogue. Spartak blew up, went on a full offensive, hung around the opponent’s penalty area, and the trio Nikolic – Tufegdzic – Mihajlovic was looking for a way to the goal. And he couldn’t find it.

And then, after half an hour from the beginning, the action of Voždovac followed, which he finished with a goal Aleksandar Stanisavljevic with about ten meters. And from that moment on, everything turned around.

Just five minutes later, the Dragons’ great action, fast, school: the ball from the center to the side, Milosavljevic immediately centered and hit "in the eyelash” Vujnović, who headed the ball into the net for 2: 0.

Three minutes later, VAR saved the people of Subotica by a total knockout, Pantović scored a goal, but was half a step faster in receiving the ball than he should have and the goal was annulled due to offside.

The second half did not bring a different picture on the field. Spartak continued to attack in vain, and the fact that there were blows towards the net of Voždovac mostly ended up next to the goalpost. The latent guests waited again for their five minutes and waited. First, a penalty was awarded for playing with his hand in the penalty area, and then a definite checkmate over Vujnović.

But that wasn’t all. Singing Belgraders repackaged the action in two moves, Filip Stanisavljevic rushed from the center towards the penalty area of ​​Spartak, passed the goalkeeper and scored in the empty net – 4: 0. The debacle of the blue and whites in the middle of their stadium… The Blue Pigeons suffered the fourth consecutive defeat, let the shock therapy team desperately need it.

Rajković, a tragedian in Topola, Kajević raised Čuka from the limestone to the third place

In the clash of teams from the lower part of the table, Proleter took all three points from Surdulica – 1: 0.

This is the third consecutive victory for Novi Sad and they have already sailed into the peaceful port of the middle of the table. The change of coach in Radnik has not brought any effect so far, too many injured players have decimated the ranks of Radnik and that has taken its toll.

In addition, the host played with the player less in the 54th minute, which Proleter was able to use.



Radnicki 1923 – Kolubara 0: 2 (0: 0)

/ Djuranovic 49, Mladenovic 90 + 1 /


TSC – Cukaricki 1: 2 (0: 1)

/ Ratkov 47 – Colovic 37, Kajevic 66p /

Radnik – Proleter 0: 1 (0: 0)

Spartak – Vozdovac 0: 4 (0: 2)

/ A. Stanisavljevic 31, Vujnovic 36, 72, F. Stanisavljevic 78 /


16.00: (12.0) Napredak (5.80) Partizan (1.25)

18.00: (2.10) Mladost (3.35) Novi Pazar (3.60)

20.00: (1.10) Red Star (11.0) Metalac (19.0)

20.00: (2.00) Vojvodina (3.45) Radnicki Nis (3.80)

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