We are discovering a new exclusive location for the Drumcode Showcase party – 24sata online

We are discovering a new exclusive location for the Drumcode Showcase party – 24sata online

Take a peek at the new exclusive location Drumcode Showcase parties, where in an industrial setting new Hangar in the Port of Belgrade u Saturday, October 9th to take the lead Drumcode publishing houses – a global techno star Adam Beyer, one of the most sought after Dutch DJs Bart Skils, a local musical talent who is building a successful international career Ilija Djokovic i Raxon, one of the most respected performers from the territory of the Middle East.

Drumcode Showcase / New location: Port of Belgrade

New Hangar is a hitherto unused location for events within the Belgrade Port complex, which captivates with its appearance of a specific industrial sensibility. Located along the banks of the Danube, the building is an exceptional representative of typical industrial architecture from the former Yugoslavia, a harmonious interior that is a combination of massive concrete and steel structures, whose second floor is completely hollowed out by glass screens. A seemingly harmonious warehouse space, whose capacity expands to galleries floating above the ground floor, supported by pillars in a square grid.

Specificity of the new Hangar is a roof constructed of randomly rotated planes, which gives an additional impression of the space, since it "breaks” just above the highest point of the space itself. The interior of the building is completely complemented by functional metal systems such as cranes, freight elevators and cabins for small crafts.

Photo: Promo

Port of Belgrade it was considered the city’s greatest logistical potential. Following the example of all major world ports, it is characterized by a huge concrete trough for receiving large cargo ships and outdated steel machinery for cargo transfer. High cranes and huge hangars are elements of the landscape of every major port, and in the last few decades, globally, they have become an attraction for events in the world of electronic music. The fusion of concrete, steel and artificial light is the starting point for creating scenography when it comes to this type of musical event.

Tickets are on sale via Cooltix online platforms, at a price of 1190 dinars for regular tickets and 1690 dinars for VIP, as well as at Ticket Vision and Gigs Tix points of sale. All purchased tickets for previously scheduled performances are also valid for the new date.

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