"We hid next to the container” Mirko about the beginning of the relationship with Vujadin – 24sata online

Actress Mirka Vasiljević and football player Vujadin Savić became parents for the fourth time, and their story had an unusual beginning, so they had their first kiss in a fit of love next to a container.

Few people know that their love dates back to their high school days, and that they fell in love with each other when they were teenagers.

– It was December, Saint Nicholas, he was on a winter football break then. We were coming back from the party, to be exact, I was coming back. I was driving, and he was in the passenger seat because he was drinking that night. When we arrived in front of his house, he told me that he had been waiting for the whole high school to tell me that he liked me and that he wanted to have sex – Mirka once revealed, with the most interesting detail about the first kiss, which was unusual and impressive:

– I remember that there was a container next to us, and Vujadin joked at that moment: "We found a place where we will kiss for the first time.” I guess that’s why it’s so beautiful in our lives now.

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