Yesterday’s summary (Tuesday): A sheriff’s feat that no one could have predicted

NOTE: In the SUMMARY OF THE DAY section, the journalists of the MOZZART Sport portal use the data of the MOZZART betting shop on the most played pairs of that day and based on that they summarize which of the most played pairs passed and which did not.

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DORTMUND – SPORTING (type 1, odds 1.55) – result 1: 0 (1: 0)

As things stand after two rounds in group C, the book will be saved in two letters. Ajax wins, Borussia Dortmund follows in the footsteps. Millionaires were welcomed at their Zignal Iduna Park Sporting without the top scorer and the first star, but Brought by Malen in the 37th minute tried to absence Erlinga Halanda without injury is not a problem.

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AJAKS – BEŠIKTAŠ (type 1, quota 1.15) – result 2: 0 (2: 0)

Maybe after two rounds, it is too early to predict whether a club will go to the knockout phase of the Champions League, or what it could do there, but some facts must be underlined. Ajax is an attacking machine, which after the introductory two games in the European elite paved the way for itself to the top 16 phase. After the massacre of Sporting two weeks ago, Besiktas could easily have experienced a similar fate tonight. The champion of Turkey did not concede at least five goals exclusively thanks to the defense Ersina Destanoglu and the failures of the Amsterdam great.

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PORTO – LIVERPOOL (type 2, odds 1.85) – result 1: 5 (0: 2)

Unlike Liverpool, which is much easier than expected to finish the job in Porto. With the 5: 1 victory at Dragau, the Reds reached a maximum of six points after two rounds and are in a very good situation to go through the "death group”. 10 or 12 points are usually enough to pass, and they have already done half the work and have two more matches at Anfield.

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SANDERLEND – CHELTENAM (type 1, odds 1.65) – result 5: 0 (3: 0)

The victory of the Black Cats was never called into question, and the goal started in the 11th minute when Wright opened an account. Until he went on vacation, he shook the opponent’s net twice Stewart, and in the second half they sealed the triumph O Noen i Dajaku. The realization of the hosts was at a very high level since out of ten shots in the box, 50 percent of the balls ended up in the opponent’s net.

KPR – BIRMINGHAM (type 1, quota 2.15) – result 2: 0 (1: 0)

Queens Park Rangers fans are celebrating the end of the series of defeats, and during that time, the agony of Birmingham’s supporters continues. He hosts with goals Shaira from the 34th and 64th stood in the way of a series of three defeats, while Birmingham remained without points for the third time in the last four games.

CARDIFA – VBA (type 2, quota 2.15) – result 0: 4 (0: 1)

West Bromwich Albion was convincing in Wales and jumped to the top of the table with the victory against Cardiff. The club from Hawthornes equaled the most convincing victory this season because they celebrated the same result against Sheffield. Grant found the host in the opening minutes, and in the second half he finished with three more goals.


PSG – MANCHESTER CITY (type 2, odds 2.55) – result 2: 0 (1: 0)

The clash of the first two favorites to win the Champions League belonged to the giant from France. Far from it being that Manchester City did not have a chance to score, but the host was still more specific. I started at eight minutes when it was Idrisa Gay knocked the ball under the crossbar Ederson naked, until the 74th when we finally welcomed the debut Lionel Messiah for PSG.

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REAL MADRID – SHERIFF TIRASPOLJ (type 1, quota 1.12) – result 1: 2 (0: 1)

It’s not fair that the Sheriff is still talked about as a kind of football miracle, but what the team is still doing in Europe this season Yuri Vernidub it seems really miraculous. The champion of Moldova, after two played rounds of the group stage of the Champions League, has all six points, because after the victory over Shakhtar in Tirasol, tonight he scored all three points with the Santiago Bernabeu, against the famous Real Madrid – 2: 1 (0: 1).

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ŠAHTJOR – INTER (COM)type 2, odds 1.70) – result 0: 0

What would be the result of the clash between Shakhtar and Inter, if not 0: 0? We didn’t see a goal twice last season in the group stage, and it wasn’t there tonight either. The failures of Inter’s players are most responsible for that, and in the end, with two spectacular interventions in the very finish, the time was lowered. Andrey Pyatov and brought the composition Roberta de Zerbija a big point in the clash with the champion of Italy.

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RB LAJPCIG – CLUB BRIŽ (type 1, odds 1.45) – result 1: 2 (1: 2)

In Leipzig – shock. And they didn’t have that. On the eve of the start of the season, opinions were divided: RB is not the class of City and PSG, but also Bruges is not the class of the German runner-up. However … After a great game against Paris in the first round and a point won, the Belgian champion beat Leipzig in the middle of Saxony. And after the turnaround – 2: 1. Christopher Enkunku he continued the goal-scoring series by scoring in the 7th minute for 1: 0, and Bruges turned over by the end of the first half. Vanekena i Ritsa.


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