"Zelenilo” removes a rotten tree in New Belgrade on Monday – 24sata online

The teams of JKP "Zelenilo Beograd” will cut down a poplar tree on Monday, October 4, for security reasons, in Studentska Street 37 b in New Belgrade.

According to the announcement of that company, the tree is rotten in the appendage and can represent a potential danger for citizens and property.

It is added that as of Monday, works on shaping and raising the canopy of trees in the "Kalemegdan” park are planned, as well as pruning dry branches.

These works are performed within the implementation of tree care measures provided by the Program of regular maintenance of green areas "Green Belgrade” and in accordance with Article 15 of the Decision on the arrangement and maintenance of parks, green and recreational areas.

According to that decision, "Zelenilo Beograd” is obliged to remove trees or parts of trees that are dry, diseased, physiologically overripe, critically damaged from natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc. from the public green area, as well as to apply regular care measures.

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