Zenit more convincing than ever in the Champions League: Brazilian found, Brazilian finished Malmö (VIDEO)

Chelsea and Juventus are the favorites of Group X of the Champions League, but we must not just write off Zenit. The three-time consecutive champion of Russia is a regular participant in the Champions League, however, he never reached beyond the sixteenth finals, and in the previous two seasons he was eliminated in the group stage.

Fans of the club from St. Petersburg wish that the situation in the current cycle could be more favorable, they believe in the European spring, even if it is in the Europa League, and the party against Malmo gives them reason for optimism.

After a minimal defeat in London by Chelsea, Zenit routinely did the job against the Swedish representative and sent him away from Russia with 4: 0 (1: 0).

They are not the players of the European vice-champion from 1979, whose attack he led again until the end of the game Veljko Birmancevic, showed a lot this evening. The host took the lead in the 9th minute after the action of two Brazilians. Douglas Santos sent the ball into the crowd in front of the guests’ goal on the left side of the ground, and there he reacted deftly from the first Claudine.

He raised it to 2: 40 40 minutes later Daler Kuzjaev with a great shot after the action from the corner and a nice dribble, and then a cross Jaroslav Rakicki. The move of the match, however, was performed Alexey Sutormin in the 80th minute, when he placed a great ball from twenty meters for his debut in the elite competition.

Previously, he made things easier for Zenit’s players Anel Ahmedhodžić, who received a direct red card in the 53rd minute for playing with his hand. With that move, he stopped the attack of the rival, but as he was the last player of the defense, he had to be off the field …

Another Brazilian put an end to the match, Vendel, a goal from the deduction in the last minute of compensation. For the most convincing victory of the Russian club in the Champions League.

Zenit welcomes Juventus in the next round, while Malmo travels to London to fight with the current European champions Chelsea.


Zenit – Malmo 4: 0 (1: 0)

/ Kludinjo 9, Kuzjaev 49, Sutormin 80, Vendel 90 + 5 /

21.00: (3.80) Juventus (3.15) Chelsea (2.25)

*** quotas are subject to change


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